European Overtures

It is tempting to have a sneaking admiration for the “anti-globalization” protesters who assembled in Genoa, Italy to protest the leaders of the world’s industrialized nations meeting at their G-8 summit over the weekend. They showed up and they took the spotlight from the pompous blowhards who lead the countries that industrialized long before this … Continue reading “European Overtures”

Mideast War – Really Imminent?

Mideast War – Really Imminent? By now, a war in the Middle East will not catch anybody by surprise. Predictions have been so persistent, that the actual surprise is that the war has not started yet. Some people, not necessarily optimistic by nature, start wondering whether a war is really imminent. Why should Sharon make … Continue reading “Mideast War – Really Imminent?”

The State of the Army, Part Two

So how did it go? The Mitchell Report recommended a cease-fire and freeze of all settlements activities. As spin, Sharon announced a "cease-fire" to push aside the issue of settlements. Then we had the Palestinian suicide bomb killing 21 young Israelis in Tel-Aviv, and it was Arafat’s turn to announce a cease-fire, which precluded the … Continue reading “The State of the Army, Part Two”

Hegel, Well-Regulated Police States, and Empire

THE CUNNING OF REASON Those who have been keeping track of such things will recall that ten or so years ago, as the Soviet bloc was falling by the wayside, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed "the end of history" in a famous article that he later expanded into a book. There, the neo-conservative writer maintained that history … Continue reading “Hegel, Well-Regulated Police States, and Empire”


The utter hypocrisy and outright evil of the “war crimes” trials being conducted in the Balkans these days is epitomized by the Croatian court trying Fikret Abdic for alleged “crimes against humanity.” It is a story in which everything is inverted: in which the West, as embodied by the International Criminal Tribunal for War Crimes … Continue reading “FREE FIKRET ABDIC!”


The saga of the Bytyqi brothers, covered in my last column, is an object lesson in how the War Party exploits every opportunity, no matter how dubious, to make propaganda for their cause. It also epitomizes how the media cooperate, allowing themselves to be used as a transmission belt for lies masquerading as “news” – … Continue reading “IS SELF-DEFENSE A ‘WAR CRIME’?”

Further into the Colombian Morass

The House of Representatives on Thursday will give as much consideration as it is likely to give this year to the ongoing US involvement in Colombia’s civil war and cocaine manufacturing and trafficking crisis. At issue will be the government’s foreign operations budget, which contains some $676 million for Colombian operations (another $80 million or … Continue reading “Further into the Colombian Morass”


In digging up evidence that Slobodan Milosevic isn’t exactly Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, the International Criminal Tribunal for War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia (ICTFY) may be uncovering more than it bargained for – evidence of American covert operations that play a central role in the ongoing destabilization of the Balkans. This was brought home … Continue reading “BALKAN SET-UP”


With the arrest and coming show trial of Slobodan Milosevic, we have several years of the most unpleasant prospects ahead of us. First of all, don’t think it’s going to end with Slobo: already the Bosnian Serbs are being pressured to give up Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic, accused of “war crimes” in Bosnia, … Continue reading “CANONIZING ST. SLOBO”