An old anti-Semitic slur that has been making the rounds for many years characterizes the Jews as “cosmopolites,” a “fifth column” that knows no loyalty to their host country but owes allegiance only to itself. This, of course, is an ignorant smear, one that, furthermore, has such an ugly history that it no longer seems … Continue reading “‘ISLAMO-FASCISM’– THE NEW BOGEYMAN”

Say No to a Palestinian ‘State’

Imagine the following scenario: after ages of discrimination, the United States decides to compensate African-Americans generously and to solve their problems once and for all. All African-Americans are locked up in prison, and the prisons are declared to be an independent African-American state. Sound crazy? That is just what the US and Israel are now … Continue reading “Say No to a Palestinian ‘State’”

Chimes of Wilson Flashing

PEACE STUDIES AREN’T WHAT THEY USED TO BE Twenty years ago, someone might have opened up a journal of “peace studies” with some hope of finding useful analysis or information. At worst, he might confront some well-meaning Norwegian or Swede going on about imperialism, oppression, inequalities in the international state system, and the like. Even … Continue reading “Chimes of Wilson Flashing”

The Vietnam-Afghanistan Mirror

It’s been nearly two months since the September 11 mass-slaughters, and the U.S. response more and more resembles that period when America was beginning its long slide into Vietnam. I grant you that it’s not an exact comparison – one obvious difference, because the 9-11 attack took place on our own soil, is that the … Continue reading “The Vietnam-Afghanistan Mirror”


While conservatives are among the most insistent cheerleaders for the “new war,” they may well turn out to be its biggest losers, at least here on the home front. Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) could hardly contain her glee the other night on Crossfire when she remarked that she felt sorry for the Republicans “because Tom … Continue reading “POLITICS AND THE WAR”

Alternative to Unending War

“Bin Laden’s objective,” I speculated to Hernando de Soto, Peru’s great author of The Other Path and now The Mystery of Capital, “is the expulsion of American interests from the Muslim world.” “No, no,” he replied, “it’s more than that. He wants American interests out of the whole Third World.” In this scenario, the pessimistic … Continue reading “Alternative to Unending War”

Risk and Promise

China is just days away from WTO membership and the problems forecasted by many analysts, including this young hack columnist, show no signs of disappearing on their own. Chinese peasants still rely on animals, ancient utensils and sweat to till their fields, urban unemployed still prowl the streets hoping for a yuan or two, the … Continue reading “Risk and Promise”


Anthrax I could put up with, an “emergency alert” every 24 hours now seems like normal everyday life, but there is one aspect of the new era that is utterly intolerable: Alan Dershowitz in wartime. The man who was once so vaingloriously solicitous of our “civil rights,” a self-described “civil libertarian,” is now proposing a … Continue reading “WHAT WAR HAS WROUGHT”

Defending Peacetime

You might not think that peace and prosperity would need defending against the pervasive sacrifice and death that characterize war and conflict. To assume that most people, especially public intellectuals, would prefer peace to widespread devastation, however, would be to make a mistake. There are certain sectors of American intellectual life – spread sometimes surprisingly … Continue reading “Defending Peacetime”