Arrogance of Empire

Most of the commentators, analysts, journalists and establishment talking heads have professed to be astounded this week that Ariel Sharon didn’t snap to immediately when President Bush, over the weekend, suggested that Israel should withdraw its forces from the West Bank "without delay." The phenomenon says more about the naiveté of most observers and the … Continue reading “Arrogance of Empire”

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Postrel?

A note from the author: I apologize, in advance, for the sheer length of this column, but since it addresses the sell-out of basic libertarian principles by people and institutions who purport to speak in its name, I thought it important to address these questions thoroughly, with extensive quotations from those I name. Too bad, … Continue reading “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Postrel?”

The Real Anti-Semitism

A rash of particularly vicious anti-Semitic attacks in France – the burning of a synagogue and the beating of a French Jewish couple – has brought condemnation from the government of Lionel Jospin and, notably, from the Palestinian Authority representative in France and the grand mufti of Marseille, Soheib Bencheikh, who denounced “these barbarous acts”:"Our … Continue reading “The Real Anti-Semitism”

Middle East Bloodshed: The U.S. Role

As the violence escalates in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians, the pressure for intervention by the United States or some other force increases as well. I listen mostly to NPR while driving, but the experts they have on repeat a drumbeat similar to what one gets on the cable and network news. Greta … Continue reading “Middle East Bloodshed: The U.S. Role”