Laughter or Despair?

This sad burlesque With miserable failures making entertainment of our fate Laughter cannot dignify or elevate This sad burlesque. —Elvis Costello Whom shall I ridicule this week? Why even bother? Better tyrants than ours might listen to their jesters; better morons might know their limitations. But there is no King Lear or Warren G. Harding … Continue reading “Laughter or Despair?”

Don’t Antagonize Our Trading Partners

This week Congress will be working on the $75 billion supplemental appropriations to pay for the war. Financing the war is not as simple as it appears. It involves more than just passing a piece of legislation labeled as support for the troops. It has now been fashionable to bash France and Germany and other … Continue reading “Don’t Antagonize Our Trading Partners”

Shedding No Tears for Iraqi Civilians

On March 31st, ten women and children were killed near Najaf when a van they were in was riddled with fire from U.S. Marines who had tried to get it to stop at a military checkpoint. After Saturday’s suicide bombing that caused the death of four U.S. Marines at another checkpoint, coalition forces are now … Continue reading “Shedding No Tears for Iraqi Civilians”

Rummy’s Failed War Plan and the Casualties That May Result

Last October, the New York Times reported that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered the military’s regional commanders to rewrite all of their war plans to capitalize on precision weapons, better intelligence and speedier deployment in the event the United States decided to invade Iraq. That war plan, which Rumsfeld helped shape, has now failed … Continue reading “Rummy’s Failed War Plan and the Casualties That May Result”

Strange Insistence that No Miscalculations Were Made

Perhaps the oddest phenomenon of the current moment is the insistence by top military brass – and their doppelgangers disguised as retired-military consultants on TV networks – that the original plan for the invasion of Iraq was just hunky-dory and everything is right on schedule and anybody who suggests otherwise must be some kind of … Continue reading “Strange Insistence that No Miscalculations Were Made”