Excuses and Justifications

Being the most destructive endeavor humanity has ever practiced, it is difficult to comprehend why wars seem like such a common phenomenon. That is, unless one realizes that the very root of the civic religion permeating the modern world is in human gullibility, and through it the vulnerability to the sort of mass hysteria war … Continue reading “Excuses and Justifications”

One Battlefield, Two Wars

Colin Powell launched a preemptive strike early Tuesday morning against the latest evidence that the alleged Bin Laden-Al Qaeda link is a lot of malarkey. The first indication that anyone had of a new message from Osama bin Laden was Powell’s statement to a Senate budget panel: “Once again [Bin Laden] speaks to the people … Continue reading “One Battlefield, Two Wars”

Hardly Even Au Revoir

One blank is filled in by \’France\’, and the other by \’the United States\’; the writer is British, Eurosceptic, from the Conservative Party\’s right wing, and is writing in The Daily Telegraph. The two sentences are separated by the sum total of 58 words, and Mr Andrew Roberts (author of the recently published Churchill and … Continue reading “Hardly Even Au Revoir”

War on Iraq Double Disaster for Palestinians

In the case of an American war on Iraq, Palestinians will not be watching for a "smart bomb" heading their way, but for the Israeli army forcing them out of their homes. This possibility is of greater danger that one might think. It is seldom that the international community has stood in the face of … Continue reading “War on Iraq Double Disaster for Palestinians”

The Crazies Who Preceded the Loonies

I suppose there are people who imagine that the conservative movement was pretty much on the right track, before it succumbed to a boarding party of former Cold War liberals – some of whom had been Trotskyites before they were Cold War liberals. Certainly, some important changes stem from that hostile takeover, but in the … Continue reading “The Crazies Who Preceded the Loonies”

Yugoslavia’s End

This Tuesday, the parliament of the last Yugoslavia decided to lay the name and the idea to rest, abolishing the country in favor of a new, ill-defined entity called "Serbia and Montenegro." The new Constitutional Charter and the bill governing its implementation had already been passed by the Serbian parliament on the 28th, and by … Continue reading “Yugoslavia’s End”