Big Money and Colombian Intervention

We interrupt my philosophical excursion into the big picture this week for a couple of rather current items that deserve attention. Let’s start with Colombia, which is poised to become the dubious beneficiary of a $1.3 billion Clinton administration escalation/intervention into its ongoing civil war and drug trafficking mess. As Sam Loewenberg writes in an … Continue reading “Big Money and Colombian Intervention”

Hating the Right: An International Phenomenon

In Austria, the much-demonized Joerg Haider stepped down from his post as leader of the Freedom Party, after the European Union threatened everything short of an invasion in response to the party’s entry into the government: in Belgium, the gaggle of Eurocrats, Commies, and left-wing Social Democrats who control the Brussels government are considering banning … Continue reading “Hating the Right: An International Phenomenon”

Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Movement

Remember the antiwar movement? For those too young to have lived through the sixties – or even the cold war with the Soviet Union – this was once a mighty movement of millions, whose members were convinced that nuclear apocalypse was all but inevitable. And to those of us who lived through the nerve-wracking days … Continue reading “Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Movement”

Free Trade, Mercantilism, and Empire

HOW TO HAVE ‘FREE TRADE’ Most people these days – outside of certain left-wing and right-wing populist circles – understand that global trade tends to increase the prospects and prosperity of all people and nations that share in it. Unfortunately, much confusion exists as to what "free trade" actually is and how one goes about … Continue reading “Free Trade, Mercantilism, and Empire”

McCain and the KLA Connection

George W. Bush has been taken out to the woodshed by the liberals for appearing on the stage at Bob Jones University – in this day and age, to even appear on a platform provided by a politically incorrect group or institution is enough to condemn a candidate to perdition. And the McCain campaign was … Continue reading “McCain and the KLA Connection”

Toward An American Foreign Policy II

I begin musing about an authentic American foreign policy for the coming century with a possibility I would view as something of an imperative, but which is all too often forgotten or downplayed by commentators bemused and entranced by the capacity of a powerful nation like the United States to bend, shape, and mold history … Continue reading “Toward An American Foreign Policy II”

Why McCain Must Be Stopped

As predicted in my last column, Democrats as well as Independents proved to be a pivotal factor in the Michigan contest: Republicans were apparently outnumbered in their own pirmary. This is what the Bush camp will seize on as a reason to discount the Michigan results, but no amount of “spin” is going to obscure … Continue reading “Why McCain Must Be Stopped”

A Lost Episode of the Old Right: The ‘Great Debate,’ 1950-1951

OLD RIGHT: THE MOVIE Taking a cue from Mel Brook’s character Yogurt in Spaceballs, I often think there should be a line of Old Right products – Old Right the tee-shirt, Old Right the book, and so on. Not the least of these would be Old Right, the Movie. This could be done, cheaply enough, … Continue reading “A Lost Episode of the Old Right: The ‘Great Debate,’ 1950-1951”

The Real McCain–and It Isn’t Pretty

CNN’s Jeff Greenfield could hardly believe his ears. After listening to Senator John McCain’s virtriolic “concession speech,” he looked positively bewildered and not a little deflated: “You know, ” he said, “I’m a little stunned, because it is some of the toughest language that a defeated candidate has used.” That’s right, Jeff, and you’d better … Continue reading “The Real McCain–and It Isn’t Pretty”

Toward An American Foreign Policy

It is easy – sometimes all too easy – to criticize American foreign policy and those who make it in these days of sole-superpower listless empire maintenance. Quite frankly, the United States faces few if any severe challenges certainly not to its existence and hardly at all to its economic prosperity and effective dominance of … Continue reading “Toward An American Foreign Policy”