Backtalk, March 28, 2008

Hollywood’s New Censors Mr. Pilger is certainly one of the best among Western artists and social critics. This article on Hollywood censorship is another example of his acute thinking, highlighted by personal experience and pervasive knowledge of his subject. That said, I believe he could have gone even further in his analysis. Certainly, Hollywood is … Continue reading “Backtalk, March 28, 2008”

Backtalk, January 27, 2009

Prosecute George W. Bush for Illegal Acts Mr. Eland, You have omitted, whether intentionally or not, one of the most significant impediments, from Obama’s point of view, to a full-scale investigation of Bushco war crimes and, in the Valerie Plame case, outright treason: The complicity of the Democrats. The illegal spying program was cleared with … Continue reading “Backtalk, January 27, 2009”

Backtalk, January 9, 2009

Silent Night I always think that European history is a lie that Americans agree on! And I am always amused at the way in which Americans “hijack” part of our history, distort it, and incorporate it into their own national myths. There was indeed a Christmas truce in 1914. British and German soldiers did indeed … Continue reading “Backtalk, January 9, 2009”

Backtalk, November 21, 2008

Michael Moore’s Off-Color Draft Joke Mr. Coleman, Sir, as a former U.S. Marine and a Vietnam war vet, I agree with you 100%. Old Mike Moore had best “rethink” his supposed joke. And he’d best do so damn fast. I enjoyed the description of the draft to the Pentagon like an alcoholic in a liquor … Continue reading “Backtalk, November 21, 2008”

Backtalk, November 11, 2008

Forget the Honeymoon Dear Justin, It’s too early to panic. Look what we just avoided: Krauthammer and the whole Giuliani gangs of neocons. The good news: 1. Obama has been elected largely by the antiwar people, therefore any war in Iran or Syria is, I believe, off the charts. 2. A good chance to get … Continue reading “Backtalk, November 11, 2008”

Backtalk, October 15, 2008

Have No Illusions Hi Justin, I myself am a left-wing antiwar activist, but I must say that I love reading your blogs, which I generally agree with wholeheartedly, and I have now gained a great appreciation for the conservative antiwar advocates like yourself. I actually was enamored with Obama back in the spring, having been … Continue reading “Backtalk, October 15, 2008”

Backtalk, October 1, 2008

Decline and Fall Dear Mr. Raimondo: I have followed your articles for six years. Your writing is always passionate and persuasive, and you have been frighteningly prescient far more often than not. You are in general a voice for sanity amid the madness that has seized your nation for the past seven years. I take … Continue reading “Backtalk, October 1, 2008”

Backtalk, September 22, 2008

Cornering the Russian Bear The article “Cornering The Russian Bear ” is a great article. I really loved it. It looks like nowadays politicians are insane. For almost half a century the U.S. had a cautious policy toward Moscow. When Stalin, back in 1948, encircled Berlin, cutting off all access to the city by land, … Continue reading “Backtalk, September 22, 2008”