Backtalk, September 15, 2008

What $700 Billion? Must agree with Mr. Peña: the numbers do not add up. But what does add up is the money given away freely to Israel: much more than $700 billion. Presumably, giving money to “unfriendlies” in the form of legitimate purchases implies the USA is funding unfriendlies, which blows back at the U.S. … Continue reading “Backtalk, September 15, 2008”

Backtalk, September 9, 2008

September Surprise “For months, I’ve been warning in this space that an American attack on Iran is imminent, and now I see that the Dutch have reason to agree with my assessment. Their intelligence service reportedly has pulled out of a covert operation inside Iran on the grounds that a U.S. strike is right around … Continue reading “Backtalk, September 9, 2008”

Backtalk, August 19, 2008

The Real Aggressor Close, Justin, but no cigar. The real aggressor in the Russia-Georgia fight is the fight promoter, the U.S. Our government trained, armed, and equipped the Georgian army to be among the strongest, pound for pound, in the world. We coached them to bomb the population center of Tskhinvali. And the U.S. had … Continue reading “Backtalk, August 19, 2008”

Backtalk, August 11, 2008

Bruce Ivins: The Movie Hi Justin, I’d like to add a few things for you to look into, if you are so inclined. First, the anthrax sent to the Democratic senators was highly potent. Some reports say it used either silica or an electrostatic charge to help the spores disperse into the air better (making … Continue reading “Backtalk, August 11, 2008”

Backtalk, August 5, 2008

Living Through the Age of Denial in America Engelhardt covers a lot of territory, but he engages the reader with a crisp writing style and a stunning grasp of information. His conclusion, that Americans have been living through an Age of Denial, is, alas, incontrovertible. At the end, Engelhardt offers a ray of hopeful light … Continue reading “Backtalk, August 5, 2008”

Backtalk, July 30, 2008

The War Party’s Credo Great essay. The problem on the left is, of course, Marx. There are far too many who believe that Marxism failed because of (well, fill in the blank) but notwithstanding the murder, mayhem, and environmental destruction, Marxist analysis is still valid. It just needs a purer, more humane application, they say. … Continue reading “Backtalk, July 30, 2008”

Backtalk, July 16, 2008

Fisking Feith’s Faulty Case for War Mr. Henderson: You know what simply amazes me is the lack of insight (or maybe it’s just duplicity) of the journalists analyzing or commenting on the rationale for war with Iraq. Not once have I heard anyone question the likelihood of Iraq developing a nuclear arsenal, which was given … Continue reading “Backtalk, July 16, 2008”