‘Antiwar.com Joins Ranks of Major Online Media‘ I‘m not at all surprised myself, though very, very proud of you guys. If it weren’t for Antiwar.com, I truly believe that at least some of the unbelievably vast amounts of disinformation being put out by the administration and the Pentagon would have leeched into my head. Your … Continue reading “”
‘Boot Boortz!‘ All right, the National LP deserves this. But I understand Boortz was booked at the last convention before this “democracy spreading” crap started. If it’s any consolation, I believe I have given you a reason to have hope in the LP. It was you that we invited to our Illinois convention last year, … Continue reading “”
‘The Motive for the Invasion‘ If the motive for the invasion was chaos and devastation for the purpose of extracting oil from the Iraqi corpse, what, in your view, would be the motive behind the motive? Global nuclear war? World domination? Political suicide? If any of these, why, and what do you think is the … Continue reading “”
Balkan Express I have been reading the Balkan Express for a long time and it has been difficult to watch the downward spiral of the Balkans along with the lives and liberties of its Slavic peoples. History has shown that a nation can only extricate itself from under the jackboot of empires when that empire … Continue reading “”
“The Tip of the Iceberg“ I would appreciate Mr. Turse’s comments on the role played by Colin Powell in covering up the horrible series of atrocities which he recounts. Many thanks. ~ Robert Clarke, Chicago, Illinois Nick Turse replies: I have no knowledge of Powell’s involvement in any “cover-ups” while he was the assistant chief … Continue reading “”