Discovering Sin

The International Herald Tribune recently published an article about a new Army medical book on trauma wounds. The reporter said that "the gruesome photographs illustrate the grim nature of today’s wars, in which more are hurt by explosions than by bullets, and body armor leaves many alive but maimed." That’s a naive statement. Probably since … Continue reading “Discovering Sin”

The Republic, Slip-Sliding Away

Despite all the blather about democracy, we did not invent it, do not support it and have, during the recent administration, become less democratic than we were before. We are and always have been too large a country for a true democracy. That’s why the Founding Fathers created a republic. In a true democracy, the … Continue reading “The Republic, Slip-Sliding Away”

Pull the Plug on the War State

Hopefully, the next president, whoever he is, will have sense enough to realize that an anti-missile site in Eastern Europe is not worth rekindling the Cold War with Russia. Though the press pays little attention to it, the Bush administration has already practically wrecked relations with Russia by insisting on adding the Eastern European countries … Continue reading “Pull the Plug on the War State”

America Is the Rogue Nation

One gets the impression that there are some people in Washington who believe that Israel or the U.S. can bomb Iran’s nuclear reactors, fly home, and it will be mission complete. It makes you wonder if perhaps there is a virus going around that is gradually making people stupid. If we or Israel attack Iran, … Continue reading “America Is the Rogue Nation”

Middle East Pop Quiz

It’s time for another pop quiz on America’s favorite region of the world – the Middle East. Let’s get started with the subject of nuclear weapons. Which country in the Middle East actually possesses nuclear weapons? Israel. Which country in the Middle East refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? Israel. Which country in the … Continue reading “Middle East Pop Quiz”

Bush and McCain’s Iran Insanity

President George Bush and his tag-along buddy John McCain are repeating almost word for word about Iran the pattern of lies and threats they used to justify the war against Iraq. Our intelligence agencies have said that Iran gave up the pursuit of a nuclear weapon three years ago. President Bush makes speeches as if … Continue reading “Bush and McCain’s Iran Insanity”