The Weapons No One Looked For

Who was searching for the vast cache of explosives recently revealed to be missing from al-Qaqaa? Not the U.S. military: "The first U.S. military unit to reach the Al-Qaqaa military installation after the invasion of Iraq did not have orders to search for the nearly 400 tons of explosives that Iraqi officials say were stolen … Continue reading “The Weapons No One Looked For”

Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

The Independent Institute VHS, 106 min., $18.95 This forum was sponsored by the Independent Institute and Harper’s magazine in April 2002, almost a year before the Iraq invasion. In a sign of how little has been resolved since, the subject matter remains fresh. David Theroux, founder and president of the Independent Institute, opens the forum … Continue reading “Understanding America’s Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?”

The Honest Case for War

What if, instead of giving the speech he actually gave on the eve of war, President Bush had said the following? Would America be in Iraq today? “My fellow Americans, I come before you tonight to make my case for invading Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein. In accordance with our republican form of government, I … Continue reading “The Honest Case for War”

Justice Dept. Changes Story on Padilla

Jose Padilla, originally detained for an alleged “dirty bomb” plot, is now being accused of conspiring to blow up apartment buildings with natural gas. Padilla, a New York-born American citizen, has been held since May 2002 without being charged. He was forbidden to speak to a lawyer until February 2004, shortly before the Supreme Court … Continue reading “Justice Dept. Changes Story on Padilla”

The Contradictions of Liberation

Glenn Reynolds – or rather, one of his farm team all-stars – was kind enough last week to “fisk” an article from this site. Michael Totten: “Pat Buchanan is being an ass again. … “Pitchfork Pat has a new piece up at called What Does America Offer the World?“ Nice to know Michael’s reading. … Continue reading “The Contradictions of Liberation”

A Government to be Named Later

As violence continued in Iraq, President Bush addressed the nation Monday night about his plans for the June 30 "transfer of power." Bush offered preliminary details about Iraq’s forthcoming sovereignty. Iraqi "sovereignty" will apparently include a large U.S. military and advisory presence for the indefinite future. No date is set for coalition troops to leave … Continue reading “A Government to be Named Later”

A Lack of Alternative Perspectives?

What’s wrong with the mainstream media? “Conservatives” and “liberals” often squeal that the press is biased against their own side, but they’re both wrong. Oh, the press certainly is biased, but the direction of the slant is not left or right, but up, toward more government. Consciously or not, most journalism is statist, always pushing … Continue reading “A Lack of Alternative Perspectives?”

Don’t Panic, Warmongers

Alright, listen up, warmongers. I’ve decided to help you. No, really. You can thank me later. I’m not doing this out of any sympathy, or because you shamed me into it. As a friend put it several months ago, Iraq is “your goddamn mess – you be constructive.” He was a bit generous, though, to … Continue reading “Don’t Panic, Warmongers”