This past March, Robert Cassidy – the chief negotiator in bilateral talks with Long Yu Tu, China’s Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, over China’s entry into the World Trade Organization – made a promotional tour of Chinese universities and business organizations pitching the wonders of trade liberalization. Cassidy no doubt expected a standing ovation sprinkled … Continue reading “CHINA ON THE ROAD TO CAPITALISM”


A note from Justin Raimondo: Since I’m suffering from heat prostration today (it’s currently 101 degrees here in San Francisco!) and since I didn’t take Memorial Day off, I’m taking a break today. But here’s a past column that I know you’ll find interesting. It was my last “Wartime Diary” column, a daily series that … Continue reading “MY FELLOW AMERICANS”

Multiplying Balkan Confusion

The best news relating to the Balkans is that there seems to be something of a split within the Bush administration over "peacekeeping" missions like the NATO deployment in Bosnia and other Balkan countries. The worst news is that at this point the most vocal, mediagenic and forceful figures in the administration seem to be … Continue reading “Multiplying Balkan Confusion”