On the Nature of Meaning (and Union Jack Tee-Shirts)

Bliss It Was Who is Christopher Caldwell? No doubt Google would tell me some sort of truth about the man, but is there world enough and time to be bothered? He\’s something to do with that gaggle of charmers over at Mr Murdoch\’s Weekly Standard, I know that much, but nothing else. I don\’t know … Continue reading “On the Nature of Meaning (and Union Jack Tee-Shirts)”

Revolt Against the Neocons

When David "Axis of Evil" Frum, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, turned his rhetorical guns on antiwar conservatives and libertarians, this writer included, he ended his peroration against "unpatriotic conservatives" with the declaration that all good right-wingers must now "turn their backs" on the heretics. But what has happened is quite the opposite: … Continue reading “Revolt Against the Neocons”

The Apartheid Wall

Only alert readers may have noticed that the Israeli-biased American "Road Map to Peace", already being imposed on the Palestinians, has not even been accepted by Israel’s rejectionist government. Asked about it, Secretary of State Colin Powell said that accepting or not accepting it "didn’t really matter" – when Israel is concerned, to be sure; … Continue reading “The Apartheid Wall”

The Justifications Crumble

When Jonathan Foreman of the New York Post, who earlier did a piece on how the rest of the media were downplaying expressions of affection for Americans among Iraqis (a story several pro-war readers helpfully emailed to me), that the United States seems to be blowing the occupation, you know things can’t be going especially … Continue reading “The Justifications Crumble”

Becoming the 51st State

It’s beggars belief, but it is true. Last week, a group of influential politicians who inhabit the rarefied but influential world of Washington DC think-tanks, proposed that US government officials be given the right to sit in on the European Union’s inter-govermmental conference, and on meetings of its other executive bodies, so that the USA … Continue reading “Becoming the 51st State”

Regime Change Roulette

At first it looked like it was going to be Syria: Baghdad had no sooner fallen, you’ll remember, when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld began glowering in the direction of Damascus. Colin Powell’s powwow with Syrian President Bashar Assad cut the War Party off at the pass, however, and the focus soon shifted elsewhere: when an … Continue reading “Regime Change Roulette”

Isn’t the World Better Off…?

A fter 9 months of TV-free studies at college, I spent a solid week of vacation in front of the set and its only source of “intellect”: cable news. Boy, was I spoiled! My only exposure to world news in those 9 months came from Antiwar.com, Google News, NPR and my local newspaper in Wisconsin. … Continue reading “Isn’t the World Better Off…?”

Blowback in Riyadh

I knew there was something awfully suspicious about the announcement, a few weeks ago, that most U.S. troops were going to be withdrawn from Saudi Arabia. After all, since when does the Empire hail a major retreat? And now my suspicions have been confirmed…. The close, almost symbiotic U.S.-Saudi relationship dates back to the World … Continue reading “Blowback in Riyadh”