Backtalk, June2, 2005

Gagged, but Still Going Strong

I have been following Sibel Edmonds’ story avidly since the first time I saw a piece on it on (the only place I’ve been able to learn about it by the way).

There’s not been another story that raises my blood pressure as much as hers does. The blatant abuse of Constitutional rights in the name of state secrets is such an outrage that I’m amazed no backlash has occurred by any of the organizations typically prone to defend these rights.

I applaud Ms. Edmonds’ determination to forge on in the face of defeat after defeat. Clearly the government has nothing they could use to smear her or they would have already done so. This must be why they resort to the higher and higher levels of secrecy. Please, the woman can’t be present at her own hearing?

To Ms. Edmonds, I say thank you for continuing to share the “progress” of your case. I look forward to the day when the secrets come out and we can know what was such a risk to national security.

To, I say thank you for being a vehicle by which those of us who might care can learn about it. (It was actually the story which made me decide to become a supporter, not just a reader of your Web site.)

~ Janet Zahn, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Afghanistan: An Imperial Dilemma

“Extended hazing-type abuse verging on outright torture of a detainee known only as Dilawar….”

Alan Bock’s remark is a sick joke; the youngster (he was 20 years old) was tortured to death! The New York Times’ account of Dilawar’s last hours in this life would move any human to tears.

To describe the animalistic behavior of American “white trash” as “extended hazing-type abuse verging on outright torture” is a misplaced and misguided form of patriotism verging on total moral bankruptcy.

Alan Bock owes Afghans an apology.

~ M.H. Ludin

Alan Bock replies:

I must confess that, hardened as I am, the Times report to which I linked, “In U.S. Report, Brutal Details Of 2 Afghan Inmates’ Deaths,” almost moved me to tears. If my understated description amounts to total moral bankruptcy, well, I’m sorry. I disagree, but the reader is certainly entitled to that opinion. You might want to reread my article to decide for yourself if my misplaced patriotism is letting the U.S. off the hook.

With Hand on Heart: Pelosi Admits Israel Comes First

I wholeheartedly agree with this article. The truth is that until the U.S. adopts an evenhanded policy toward the Palestinian/Israeli problem, the situation in the Middle East will continue to deteriorate and hatred for the U.S. will also exponentially continue to grow. Unfortunately it appears that most U.S. politicians on both sides of the political spectrum will continue to turn a blind eye to the legitimate rights of the Palestinians. They are more concerned about being reelected and do not want to espouse political views that would be inconsistent with AIPAC’s and other Zionist organizations’ views regarding the state of Israel.

~ Andras Karadi, LTC(R), US ARMY

Bush Opts for Civil War in Iraq

OUTSTANDING. The most concise and powerful commentary on postwar Iraq written to date and definitely a damning summary of what it ALL BOILS DOWN TO: the incapability of governments to admit mistakes, thus foregoing any hope of rationality in dealing with the crises of our times. All governments share this trait. However, it took 40 years and the arrival of another Texan in the White House to again be so recklessly exercised on the global scale of warfare. At least LBJ had a man like McNamara counseling him to withdraw before it was too late. W has no one but his sycophants to echo his misguided fervor.

Bravo PCR!

~ Mehdi Mir, Houston, TX

Get Out of Putin’s Face

I have read with disgust the recent article by Pat Buchanan. What a bunch of lies and distortions. The Soviet army did not liberate anybody in 1945, it only occupied. Where did he get this from? I was born in Eastern Europe and I still remember that we greeted the Soviet army as liberators. Who did Soviets enslave? What kind of governments does Buchanan think existed in prewar Central Europe? Most of the Central and Eastern European governments participated in the Nazi onslaught against the Soviet Union. The fascist governments of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and many others sent armies against the Soviet Union. Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians formed extermination units that did unspeakable cruelties in the occupied territories. Even defeated nations like France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, and Norway sent volunteers and elite SS divisions to fight against the Soviets. If Hitler had won the war, all Slavic nations would have been either exterminated or enslaved. Poles were destined for extermination, closely followed by Serbs. Czechs were supposed to be either Germanized or exterminated; Ukrainians and Russians were destined to be either enslaved or exterminated. All Buchanan has to do is to read Mein Kampf, it is all there. The Soviet victory saved the Slavic race from extermination, enslavement, and Germanization, and defeated fascist governments in Eastern and Central Europe. And Buchanan calls that occupation? I think he should have his head examined.

~ G. Federsel, Canada

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