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‘A Conspiracy So Vast…’

Great article at!

I was wondering if you have read about the Judy Miller 9/11 attack warnings that were never published (except indirectly as shown below).

In July of 2001 Judy Miller had top secret intelligence that a major terrorist attack was imminent. Who in the White House also knew?

See this link: “The Judy Code“:

“In July of 2001, Steve Engelberg, then an editor at The New York Times, looked up to see Judy Miller standing at his desk. As Engelberg recalls, Miller had just learned from a source about an intercepted communication between two al-Qaeda members who were discussing how disappointed they were that the United States had never attempted to retaliate for the bombing of the USS Cole.

“Not to worry, one of them said, soon they were going to do something so big that the U.S. would have to retaliate.”

~ Art Shulenberger

What HAVE we done to deserve the carpetbagging likes of Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blankley! Then we have the example of that weird, disheveled Brit Timothy who provided George Will with his pithy historical allusions. Just where on the Statue of Liberty did it say, “give us the wretched windbag refuse of Eton and Harrow”?

I can testify from experience that our Ivy League schools produce homegrown bores in numbing abundance. Imports like this cast real doubt on the merits of free trade.

~ Dr. Robert Hellman (Columbia 1976)

We Must Hold the Scoundrels Accountable

Finally, Roberts, bless your views, you hit the nail on the head! Just listening to and looking at Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush as they defend their deceptions about an Iraqi civil war they ignited, has begun to make me reach for the remote at first sight, without letting them even finish a sickening sentence. It’s usually full of arrogance, deceit, and a total disconnect with realities their own generals are trying to tell them. But using our beloved and patriotic military to carry out their deceptions is the straw that is breaking the camel’s back. Do these guys think we’re stupid? Do they think we have no eyes and ears or compassion for the humans being slaughtered? As a Vietnam-era veteran who joined the antiwar marches AFTER an honorable discharge in 1967, I’m afraid it will take the same efforts by vets coming back from this war to really fuel the antiwar sentiments. Unfortunately, the Iraq vets’ numbers aren’t there.

2,000+ dead is nowhere near the 58,000 who paid the ultimate price for that confirmed great lie, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, responsible for escalating that crazy Asian war out of control. McNamara, the secretary of defense then wrote a book 35 years too late after the Vietnam War. He admitted that the basis of the resolution, that the U.S. Navy was attacked by the Viet Cong in the Gulf of Tonkin proved false.

I’m totally supportive of Congressman Murtha, a decorated Vietnam vet, for his bravery in speaking out against the Iraq war. As I watched the news, he pleaded in tears for some sanity in this tragedy. I couldn’t help brush away my own tears for a couple of buddies of mine on the Vietnam Wall Memorial who gave their all for that other lie, about 40 years ago.

~ Rodolfo T.

Paul Craig Roberts replies:

Well, we have been deceived enough. Now it is time to do something about it.

Rehashing the Intelligence

Mr. Bush’s statement keeps ringing in my ears: The only one who continually lied and deceived was Saddam.

From previous posts I understand that the only one who told the full truth was Mr. Hussein, in the December 2002 declaration, which hindsight shows is the most thorough, honest assessment of Iraq’s prohibited weapons capabilities.

~ Bill Hixson

Alan Bock replies:

That’s about the only modestly complimentary thing I might be willing to say about Saddam. You might add Scott Ritter to the list of those who were right before the war. Funny how being right gets you consigned to oblivion, but that’s politics.

What Are They Cooking Up in the White House?

Thank you for a well-organized and balanced Web site. And also thank you for a great column, but I think more care is needed for passing information to the public so as it is the most accurate.

Michael T. Klare in his article “Wag the Dog” mentions:

“Over the years, however, Iran has violated its NPT obligations by building uranium enrichment facilities out of sight of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).”

This is clearly not true if you refer to published articles on Iran under NPT is not obligated to report the building of those facilities to the IAEA till such a time that they introduce the raw material and start the process. For further reading refer to “Nothing to Refer” (September 10, 2005) and “More Media Lies About Iran” (August 16, 2005 ) both by Gordon Prather.

Just an observant observer!

~ ME

Gordon Prather observes:

That “observant observer” is correct. By signing and voluntarily adhering to an Additional Protocol to its IAEA Safeguards Agreement, Iran has more than fulfilled its NPT “obligations.” On the other hand, by strong-arming Russia, China, Germany, France, and others into canceling their investments and participation in Iranian-based peaceful nuclear-energy related projects, the U.S. has repeatedly “violated its NPT obligations.”

Murtha is Right

In Justin Raimondo’s column “Murtha is Right,” he writes, “[L]et us hope that we find our great white ‘isolationist’ hope to lead us out of the interventionist, war-wracked wilderness. Who will step forward to fill the huge leadership gap and give voice to the popular will?” I suggest Bill Bonner, the co-author of Empire of Debt, which is currently ranked #2 in books on This is his second best-selling book in the last three years, and he understands how America has become an empire intervening around the world and leading to our ruin. I have e-mailed Mr. Bonner and encouraged him to run as a Libertarian. Perhaps others will join me.

~ George Whitfield

Libby Indictment May Open Door to Broader Iraq War Deceptions

If possession of nuclear weapons is a crime, then obviously we are the most guilty people on the planet.

Fear-driven American people accepted the notion that while we were busy building nuclear weapons for ourselves, we were justified evidently in slapping Iraq around, killing thousands of innocent people who lived there, for the purpose, so we were assured, of preventing Iraq from building nuclear weapons. Never should we have allowed our government to sally forth on such a premise.

Discussion of whether or not the premise was true is actually irrelevant, for morally competent people should never have been suckered in by such scare tactics.

Paul Sperry’s Saturday Oct. 29 review of the Libby indictment, at, also discusses at length whether or not Saddam Hussein was or was not really trying to crank up a nuclear weapons program, implying that this question is at the bottom of things. It is not.

Dr. Prather’s Nov. 1 “Clumsy Forgeries, Italian-Style” at, contains a hint – alluding to soccer moms – of the fundamental principle being ignored:

If it is legitimate for me to be armed, then it is legitimate for you to be armed.

It is quite irrelevant whether “you” refers to China, India, Israel, Iran, Iraq, France, Germany, Russia, what-you-will!

Because comprehension of that fundamental of justice evidently escaped them, the soccer moms and soccer dads of America are now implicated in the crime that is the invasion of Iraq.

“Taking the State wherever found,” wrote Albert Jay Nock in 1935, “striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrator,s and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.”

That being the case, even if you, and Justin Raimondo, and Lew Rockwell, and so on, are successful in running to ground the present cabal of crooks – unless the people wake up – the present cabal may only be replaced by yet another crop of crooks.

As Paul Craig Roberts asks, “What has become of Americans?” That question recognizes that it is indeed the people who need to wake up. They may, for the Internet seems to have enabled a shift in the political center of gravity.

~ Jack Dennon, Warrenton, Oregon

Anti-Disease Movement

Although you are well-meaning and devoted, the cause of antiwar is not a realistic one in our world. It is like having an anti-disease movement. Evil exists in this world and somehow if you keep sticking your head in the sand you might find yourself, or someone you love, dying an infernal death from an attack by an enemy that you thought was as innocent and as well-meaning as you were.

No one likes wars, as no one like diseases. If you get sick, you do not declare an anti-disease movement but you go to the doctor and, if blood has to be spilled to operate on you, you will take the measure. Please wake up.

~ Elie Khawand

Jeremy Sapienza replies:

Good thing there is an anti-disease movement. It’s called “medicine.”

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