Backtalk, November 12, 2005

The Last Lie of the Iraq War Exposed

Thanks for the well-written article. Finally people are starting to get the message, but I believe it will take more time to expose all of the corruption and lies. At least the real news is starting to come out more in the mainstream media – that encourages me. They can no longer cover it all up, it’s simply an impossibility. I look at Rove, Libby, Frist, Delay, Cheney, etc., and am more encouraged. When you keep steppin’ in sh*t, there comes a point when you can’t scrape it all off. I came up with that one, feel free to use it. Oh well, I never claimed to be a writer. …

~ Ritch E.

A great column! Too bad the majority – no, 99% – of the American people will not read it because it is not available in the mainstream press.

There is no doubt the press in America is in bed with the government. The press does not give the facts or explore major problems with the U.S. Army in Iraq. For example, how many innocent Iraqis have been killed by the U.S. military. Where are the in-depth stories on this? The press does not give us an accurate picture of the situation in Iraq and as a result it is more difficult for the American people to make judgments in a timely manner. I remember during the initial attack on Iraq there was a tv news report of a restaurant being bombed. The U.S. military had an informant who told them Saddam Hussein was going to be there. Unfortunately, he was not there, but families were there, including a baby. That story was covered for 30 seconds and never seen again. How many hundreds of times have stories like that been ignored or scantly covered? How about the facts from the press?

~ Henry P.

In regard to the deaths in the Iraqi War, Sperry wrote in the opening of this article, “…reminding us all that the only ones really paying for this dishonest war are young GIs, with their lives and limbs.”

I guess 100,000 innocent civilians who never signed up for the responsibility of a solider is insignificant to Mr. Sperry. Is it because they haven’t a piece of paper stamped U.S. citizen? What makes them so unworthy of life so readily granted to our soldiers?

This ethnocentrism is the cause of war and has no place in an article condemning those who create war. Indeed, it has no place, period.

~ Jeremy Lynes


The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos

HAA ha! The Abu Ghraib prisoners deserved that for killing or trying to kill American soldiers. Most of it just looks like a fraternity party anyway. I think we should drop Hiroshima-sized bombs on the Muslims, instead of wasting American lives.

~ P. Islot

Eric Garris replies:

The prisoners shown in those photos did not try to kill Americans. In fact, almost all of them have been released without ever being charged with anything. Not a single one has been charged with attacking American troops.

On the other hand, several of the guards have been convicted. Are you saying that the Pentagon wrongly charged and prosecuted those GIs?

Never Smile at a Crocodile II

Dear Dr. Whitehurst,

I would ask the benighted relative, “I have been following the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List and found mostly Saudis and no Iraqis on it since 9/11 – I wonder why that is so? Any ideas?”

And, “I was on the Judicial Watch (a conservative watchdog organization) website, and saw posted there the Cheney documents that Judicial Watch had to go to court to wrest from Dick Cheney: ‘Foreign suitors for Oil in Iraq’ and ‘Map of oil in Iraq,’ both dated pre-9/11. …”

And, “What do you think about the meeting in August 2001 at Mr. Bush’s Crawford ranch, in which he and Harriet Miers together reviewed a Briefing Paper warning that an attack on our soil was contemplated – and they did nothing to secure the airports?”

And if the benighted relatives get all exercised, I would smile and say, “I was just asking.”

~ Suzanne Gorenfeld

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