Bolton Nomination Another Affront to Sanity

As I was driving back to the office at midday today, I heard a news report that President Bush had nominated John Bolton to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. My heart skipped a beat, and I could feel my blood pressure climb through the roof. John Bolton. Ugh. This is the bottom … Continue reading “Bolton Nomination Another Affront to Sanity”

Beheading ElBaradei

Memo to: The White House Re: Terrorizing the IAEA I hear reports today of public-opinion polls not only showing President Bush disliked by the great majorities of practically every European country, but also for the first time showing a narrow majority of Europeans disliking the American people. The reason, of course, is the war in … Continue reading “Beheading ElBaradei”

Fallujah and Those Mass Graves

Memo To: David Broder, Washington Post Re: Those Mass Graves Remember, David, back on Sept. 27, I posted a memo on the margin that I wrote to you, complimenting you on your column about how the news media had been "losing their way"? It had to do with your observation that the major news media … Continue reading “Fallujah and Those Mass Graves”

Diplomacy Is Cheaper Than War

Memo to: Sen. John Edwards (D, N.C.) Re: Iran’s "Nuclear Weapons Program" I caught you on a film clip last night, senator, where you were blasting President Bush for diverting resources from the war on terrorism to the war in Iraq. If I’m not mistaken, you also criticized him for allowing Iran and North Korea … Continue reading “Diplomacy Is Cheaper Than War”

Rigging the Iraqi Elections

Isn’t it nice that come January there will be national elections in Iraq? After all those years living under the despotic rule of Saddam Hussein, the huddled Iraqi masses will be able to go to polling places and cast their secret ballots to choose their representatives in a national assembly? And the assembled representatives will … Continue reading “Rigging the Iraqi Elections”

Memo to Rick Santorum Re: Iran

Dear Senator Santorum, I see that you are sponsoring legislation supporting "regime change" in Iran, which suggests you have had the neocons whispering in your ears again about the "axis of evil." You are probably going to get support for your bill for the same reason the neocons led us into the unnecessary war in … Continue reading “Memo to Rick Santorum Re: Iran”

Cooking Up a Cut-and-Run?

Bob Novak’s column Monday isn’t quite conclusive, but you can bet he is ahead of the pack in sniffing out the Bush team’s recognition that it will have to pull all the U.S. troops out of Iraq next year. All of them: "Inside the Bush administration policymaking apparatus, there is strong feeling that U.S. troops … Continue reading “Cooking Up a Cut-and-Run?”

Pat Buchanan for President!

Just kidding of course, but after I watched Pat on Meet the Press Sunday morning, I e-mailed him: "Have you ever thought of running for president?" When he did last time out I supported him, up to the point where I thought he went bonkers on China and trade. Now out of elective politics, he … Continue reading “Pat Buchanan for President!”

Fixing What Bush Has Broken

What would a President Kerry do in Iraq that is different from what President Bush is doing? A week ago, George Will on ABC’s This Week said you can’t even get a tissue paper between the positions of Kerry and Bush. The more valid point was made yesterday on Meet the Press by Sen. Joseph … Continue reading “Fixing What Bush Has Broken”

Colin Powell’s Vanishing Credibility

Memo To: Tim Russert, Meet the Press From: Jude Wanniski Re: Your Powell interview It has been a week since I watched you interview Secretary of State Colin Powell on Meet the Press June 13, but I did want to calm down before I wrote some complaints in this space. I think you know I … Continue reading “Colin Powell’s Vanishing Credibility”