Palestinian Prisoners Languish in Administrative Detention

RAMALLAH — “I’m sick with worry about my daughter. I’m afraid of what they are doing to her. She has done nothing to deserve this. If they have anything against her, why don’t they bring her to trial?” Yehiya Al Shalabi asked IPS rhetorically. Hana Al Shalabi, 27, Yehiya’s daughter, has been languishing in Israeli … Continue reading “Palestinian Prisoners Languish in Administrative Detention”

Palestinians Prepare for Massive Uprising

BEIT UMMAR, West Bank – Leading members of the Palestinian Popular Committees in the West Bank plan massive civil unrest and disobedience against the Israeli occupation authorities come September when the Palestinians take their case for statehood to the UN. "We plan to take to the streets en masse," Musa Abu Maria, a leading member … Continue reading “Palestinians Prepare for Massive Uprising”

‘Flytilla’ Debacle Another PR Nightmare For Israel

BEN GURION AIRPORT, Tel Aviv — Confused foreign tourists arriving at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport on Friday would be forgiven for thinking that a terrorist attack was about to take place. Hundreds of armed Israeli soldiers and police spread throughout the airport as Israeli police surrounded six Israeli pro-Palestinian peace activists who were arrested … Continue reading “‘Flytilla’ Debacle Another PR Nightmare For Israel”

A Zionist Fights for Palestinian Rights

JERUSALEM — To many people, Rabbi Arik Ascherman would appear to be a contradiction in terms. He is an ardent Zionist and religious Jew who believes that God made a covenant with the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. But the core of Ascherman’s Zionist ideology revolves around fighting for human rights, especially those … Continue reading “A Zionist Fights for Palestinian Rights”

Palestinian Children Targeted as Israel Crushes Unrest

SILWAN, Palestine – "Father please help me! Don’t let them take me away," screamed 12-year-old Ahmed Siyam as approximately 50 heavily armed Israeli soldiers and police dragged the handcuffed and blindfolded boy away. Last month Ahmed was pulled out of his bed at 4am by Israeli security forces led by Shin Bet agents from Israel’s … Continue reading “Palestinian Children Targeted as Israel Crushes Unrest”

Time Running Out for Two-State Solution

RAMALLAH – Time is of the essence if the implementation of a two-state solution to end the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to succeed. Changing demographics both within Israeli and Palestinian society could render this impossible, with a one-state solution the only feasible outcome. An eventual one-state solution, however, would lead to two possible scenarios. Either … Continue reading “Time Running Out for Two-State Solution”

Settlers See New Support From Obama

The leader of Israel’s most right-wing government since the establishment of the Jewish state 63 years ago, has returned to Israel with his popularity surging since talks with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington. A survey carried out by the Israeli daily Haaretz found that following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s return from the US, … Continue reading “Settlers See New Support From Obama”

Egypt-Gaza Border Remains Closed to Trade

Despite the Egyptian revolution, which ousted Israeli ally and former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, and despite Israel’s claim to have eased the blockade on Gaza following last year’s bloody clashes on the ill-fated Mavi Marmara flotilla, the coastal territory’s economy remains crippled thanks to both countries. International attention will once again focus on the siege … Continue reading “Egypt-Gaza Border Remains Closed to Trade”

Nakba Anger Points to Third Intifada

QALANDIA, Occupied West Bank—Israeli confidence that Nakba Day, marked by the Great March on May 15 in the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel, and neighboring Arab countries, would remain under control has backfired badly. Nakba, or “catastrophe,” Day on May 15 commemorates the establishment of the state of Israel, during which hundreds of thousands of indigenous … Continue reading “Nakba Anger Points to Third Intifada”

Fatah-Hamas Honeymoon Could Face Problems

RAMALLAH—Despite the euphoria surrounding the recent signing in Cairo of the groundbreaking unity accord between Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas, ending their four-year feud, numerous obstacles remain that could impinge on the implementation of a unity government. The Fatah-affiliated Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Islamist movement Hamas still have to overcome mutual suspicion, significant differences … Continue reading “Fatah-Hamas Honeymoon Could Face Problems”