Time Running Out for Two-State Solution

RAMALLAH – Time is of the essence if the implementation of a two-state solution to end the protracted Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to succeed. Changing demographics both within Israeli and Palestinian society could render this impossible, with a one-state solution the only feasible outcome. An eventual one-state solution, however, would lead to two possible scenarios. Either … Continue reading “Time Running Out for Two-State Solution”

Dead Peace Process Could be ‘National Suicide’ for Israel

The U.N. Security Council is poised to vote this week on a new resolution condemning Israeli expansion into the Occupied Palestinian Territories and calling for an immediate freeze on settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but the United States has already declared its intention to again deploy its veto power. Backed by 122 … Continue reading “Dead Peace Process Could be ‘National Suicide’ for Israel”

Gandhi’s Wisdom

Surfing the television channels, I came across an interview with the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi on an American network (Fox – would you believe it?). “My grandfather told us to love the enemy even while fighting him,” he said, “he fought against the British resolutely, but loved the British.” (I quote from memory.) My immediate … Continue reading “Gandhi’s Wisdom”