Blueprint for Gaza Attack Was Long Planned

As Israel rejected the terms of the proposed United Nations cease-fire at the weekend, Israeli military analysts were speculating on the nature of the next stage of the attack on Gaza, or the "third phase" of the fighting as it is being referred to. Having struck thousands of targets from the air in the first … Continue reading “Blueprint for Gaza Attack Was Long Planned”

Criticism of Israeli War Crimes Mounts

Criticism by international watchdog groups over the increasing death toll in Gaza mounted this week as the first legal actions inside Israel were launched accusing the army of intentionally harming the enclave’s civilian population. The petitions – over attacks on medical personnel and the shelling of United Nations schools in Gaza – follow statements by … Continue reading “Criticism of Israeli War Crimes Mounts”

Israel’s Aim: To Make the Gazan Prison Even More Secure

There are two persistent myths about the aim of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza: the first that it is an entirely defensive move, a way to end the rocket fire of Hamas; and the second that it is designed to restore the army’s credibility after its failure to cow Hezbollah in 2006. No doubt the Israeli … Continue reading “Israel’s Aim: To Make the Gazan Prison Even More Secure”

The Real Goal of the Slaughter in Gaza

Ever since Hamas triumphed in the Palestinian elections nearly three years ago, the story in Israel has been that a full-scale ground invasion of the Gaza Strip was imminent. But even when public pressure mounted for a decisive blow against Hamas, the government backed off from a frontal assault. Now the world waits for Ehud … Continue reading “The Real Goal of the Slaughter in Gaza”

Electioneering With Bombs

Of the three politicians who announced the military assault on Gaza to the world on Saturday, perhaps only outgoing prime minister Ehud Olmert has little to lose – or gain – from its outcome. Flanking the Israeli prime minister were two of the main contenders for his job: Tzipi Livni, the foreign minister and the … Continue reading “Electioneering With Bombs”

Arab Town Blamed for Jewish Pride March’s Cancelation

Jewish peace groups have accused the Israeli police of fueling racism by canceling a "Jewish Pride" march by a far-right group that was to have taken place through one of the largest Arab towns in Israel. The police postponed the march, due last Monday, claiming they had evidence extremist residents of Umm al Fahm in … Continue reading “Arab Town Blamed for Jewish Pride March’s Cancelation”

Hebron Settlers Take Their Fight Into Israel

Extremist settler groups currently involved in violent confrontations with Palestinians in the center of Hebron have chosen their next battleground, this time outside the West Bank. A far-right group know as the Jewish National Front, closely associated with the Hebron settlers, is preparing to march through one of the main Arab towns in northern Israel. … Continue reading “Hebron Settlers Take Their Fight Into Israel”

Campaign for ‘Forgotten Refugees’ Downplays Palestinian Losses

A broad coalition of Jewish lobby groups has made a series of breakthroughs this year in its campaign to link the question of justice for millions of Palestinian refugees with justice for Jews who left Arab states in the wake of Israel’s establishment 60 years ago. Referring to these Jews as the "forgotten refugees" and … Continue reading “Campaign for ‘Forgotten Refugees’ Downplays Palestinian Losses”

Who Will Stop the Settlers?

The middle-of-the-night eviction last week of an elderly Palestinian couple from their home in East Jerusalem to make way for Jewish settlers is a demonstration of Israeli intent towards a future peace deal with the Palestinians. Mohammed and Fawziya Khurd are now on the street, living in a tent, after Israeli police enforced a court … Continue reading “Who Will Stop the Settlers?”

The Real Goal of Israel’s Blockade

The latest tightening of Israel’s chokehold on Gaza – ending all supplies into the Strip for more than a week – has produced immediate and shocking consequences for Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants. The refusal to allow in fuel has forced the shutting down of Gaza’s only power station, creating a blackout that pushed Palestinians bearing … Continue reading “The Real Goal of Israel’s Blockade”