Shine, Perishing Republic If you believe that our rights our being trampled upon and the government is now a tyranny, than why aren’t you in jail? ~ Ron Marks Justin Raimondo replies: That may come sooner than anyone thinks. Check this out: “The Neocon Case for Imprisoning and Executing Congressional War Opponents.” And also this: … Continue reading “”
Leave Revolution in Saudi Arabia to Saudis Excellent article, so true and I personally think the real reason for the US aggression in the middle east. It’s main target being Saudi Arabia or more importantly its oil. What better way, than to demonise Saudi society and its leaders, which, if it goes on long enough … Continue reading “”
Is There Hope? – Where to Look for It This article clearly sees that the fault is not just with the Palestinians "missing the window" of opportunity. The delaying tactics are classic and have been used over and over. I must agree that the Israeli grass roots isn’t buying the regimes stories, but they are … Continue reading “”
‘Shock Video: Who Shot New 9/11 Tapes?‘ Thanks for your article “Shock Video.” My first thought when this thing hit the news was “Israel.” Just shows I’ve been reading too much But it really does “feel” like Israel, doesn’t it? While we’re on the subject, just a quick thought I’ve been meaning to share … Continue reading “”