Rummaging Through the Ashes George Robertson, formerly UK Defense Minister and in 1999 NATO SecGen, repeatedly proclaimed in 1999 the slogan "Serbs Out". (Not "Third Army Out, or "Serb forces out.") The NATO attack was explicitly aimed at ethnically cleansing Kosovo of Serbs. Geoff Hoon, Robertson’s successor at Defense, was explicitly asked whether the NATO … Continue reading “”
Kosovo Burning Must agree with you. Have listened to BBC reports and also our local commercial and state-funded media reports, and the blatant ignoring of reality of the situation so that their little Albanian buddies are absolved of their crimes is nauseating. Thanks for your information. ~ Jim Rendevski, Melb, Australia Nebojsa Malic replies: Thank … Continue reading “”
The Iraq War: Is the United States Better Off? Though I found Dr. Moore’s argument sound and convincing in the above article, I must take exception to the following paragraph: "Then there are King Fahd and Prince Abdullah (Saudi Arabia), Than Shwe (formerly Burma, now Myanmar), Teodoro Obiang Nguema (Equatorial Guinea), Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenistan), Fidel … Continue reading “”
Casualties in Iraq I would like to see a breakdown, if it is possible with the information you can get, of the wounded as to how many are "life changing" wounds. In other words, how many are receiving wounds that will hamper their future lives in terms of physical and mental activity? This is certainly … Continue reading “”
Haiti: Barbara Lee Doesn’t Speak for Me Barbara Lee does speak for me, and I live in Wisconsin! When Lee is asking Bush to “intervene” in Haiti, it isn’t really an intervention she is calling for so much as a cessation of intervention. The US military shipped arms to the ‘rebels’ in the Dominican Republic … Continue reading “”
National Endowment for Democracy: Paying to Make Enemies of America I appreciate BOTH Ron Paul AND his take on NED. Thanks. I wonder, though, if the ideology driving some of the redder NED outcomes has been actually so red as Ron Paul seems to suggest. The red outcomes so far in formerly Iron Curtain countries … Continue reading “”
Best Collection of Lies I enjoy, which I recommend to everyone over here in Malaysia as proof positive that not every American is a stark raving loonball. A majority, yes. All of us, no. My question is where can be found the best collection of lies uttered by our president and his men re … Continue reading “”
Corporate Warriors Thank you for maintaining this site. Do you have a statistic about how many “contractors” have been killed /injured in Iraq? ~ PR Ford Sam Koritz replies: David Lazarus wrote about this subject in the January 21 San Francisco Chronicle (“Taking the War Private“), citing anonymous US officials’ claims that several dozen contractors … Continue reading “”

Backtalk, February 13, 2004

GoodBye Gancarski I agree 100% with getting rid of Gancarski, if anything, it should have been done a lot sooner. I’m not sure I could have been as easy on him as you were (maybe you don’t think you were easy on him, but I was thinking of a Singapore-style public bare-assed caning). I can … Continue reading “Backtalk, February 13, 2004”