The Nutball the Neocons Wanted in NATO

Even interventionists are regretting some of the wars into which they helped plunge the United States in this century. Among those wars are Afghanistan and Iraq, the longest in our history; Libya, which was left without a stable government; Syria’s civil war, a six-year human rights disaster we helped kick off by arming rebels to … Continue reading “The Nutball the Neocons Wanted in NATO”

Asia’s Other Nuclear Standoff

With the world focused on the scary possibility of war on the Korean Peninsula, not many people paid much attention to a series of naval exercises this past July in the Malacca Strait, a 550-mile long passage between Sumatra and Malaysia through which pass over 50,000 ships a year. With President Trump and North Korean … Continue reading “Asia’s Other Nuclear Standoff”

Starvation and Cholera in Yemen

The current war in Yemen has had devastating consequences for the population. The indiscriminate Saudi bombing includes schools, water purification plants, hospitals, and electricity plants, leading to the death of over 10,000 and the wounding of 50,000 more. By the end of 2017, the International Red Cross has projected that over a million Yemenis will … Continue reading “Starvation and Cholera in Yemen”

The Curtain Rises On Trump Theater

The pundits are up in arms over President Trump’s announcement that he intends to “recognize” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – and on the eve of the supposed renewal of the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process.” What, they cry, can he be thinking?! Is he crazy? (Of course he is!) Are we to be spared nothing? … Continue reading “The Curtain Rises On Trump Theater”

Family Blown up in Mosul; 35 Killed in Iraq

According to the Coalition fighting the Islamic State militants, about 3,000 militants are estimated left in Iraq and Syria. At least 35 people were killed, and one more was wounded: In Mosul, a family of six was killed when they returned to a booby-trapped home. A militant leader and his brother were killed. Militants killed … Continue reading “Family Blown up in Mosul; 35 Killed in Iraq”

The FBI’s Perjury Trap of the Century

If you were a Martian visitor just disembarked from of one of Elon Musk’s rocket ships and were therefore uninfected by earth-based fake news, the culprits in Washington’s witch-hunt de jure would be damn obvious. They include John Brennan, Jim Comey, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok and a passel of deep state operatives – all of … Continue reading “The FBI’s Perjury Trap of the Century”

Is Flynn’s Defection a Death Blow?

Why did Gen. Mike Flynn lie to the FBI about his December 2016 conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak? Why did he not tell the FBI the truth? As national security adviser to the president-elect, Flynn had called the ambassador. Message: Tell President Putin not to overreact to President Obama’s expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats. … Continue reading “Is Flynn’s Defection a Death Blow?”

Why Is There No ‘Saudi-Gate’?

Imagine if Russia – instead of doing what it has been accused of doing last year – had funded and facilitated an attack on US soil that killed thousands of Americans. Then imagine that US policymakers, rather than punish the Kremlin by cutting diplomatic ties, imposing sanctions, seeking legal recourse, or all of the above, … Continue reading “Why Is There No ‘Saudi-Gate’?”