Despite Media Cheerleading, $61 Billion Won’t Beat Russia

The United States continues to be the world’s banker for war. Last week, the U.S. invested $95 billion more in war. $61 billion of that is headed to Ukraine. While Congress waved Ukrainian flags, the American mainstream media abandoned its responsibility as investigative journalists and dutifully and enthusiastically acted as cheerleaders, celebrated the continuation of war and led the call for more.

What the mainstream media did not do is tell the American public that, while $61 billion is a lot of money, it is not enough to change the inevitable long-term outcome of the war. The current package of lethal aid will change the situation. It will prolong the war, and it will prolong Ukraine’s suffering. But it will not alter Ukraine’s inevitable defeat.

Few, if any, of the large American mainstream media bothered to investigate the aid package or report that, after money is allocated to keeping the Ukrainian government solvent, funding current military operations in the region and replenishing the U.S. stockpile of weapons, only about $14 billion is left for actually procuring new weapons for Ukraine.

Instead, mainstream media headlines proclaim a fresh beginning and celebrate the potential for the new package of lethal aid to push Ukraine to victory over Russia and prevent Russia from marching through Ukraine into Europe. But neither is true.

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Ted Snider is a regular columnist on U.S. foreign policy and history at and The Libertarian Institute. He is also a frequent contributor to Responsible Statecraft and The American Conservative as well as other outlets. To support his work or for media or virtual presentation requests, contact him at