In Bed With the US Army

As the WikiLeaks document-dump week ends, perhaps the real significance of what happened lay not in the specific revelations in those 92,000 pieces of raw data from American frustration-ville in Afghanistan, 2004-2009 (much of which would have been no news to anyone reading TomDispatch all these years). It may simply be that, for the second … Continue reading “In Bed With the US Army”

Leaked Video of Shooting Spurs Calls for New Probe

Journalist advocacy groups called for the reopening of an investigation into the 2007 killing of a Reuters photographer and his driver after the WikiLeaks Web site released classified video footage on Monday of a 2007 helicopter attack in Baghdad which killed 12 people. "This footage is deeply disturbing," said Joel Simon, executive director of the … Continue reading “Leaked Video of Shooting Spurs Calls for New Probe”

How to Fight a Better War (Next Time)

Iraq remains a mess from which the U.S. military seems increasingly uninterested in withdrawing fully and Afghanistan a disaster area, but it’s never too soon to think about the next war. The subject is already on the minds of Pentagon planners. The question is: Are they focusing on how to manage future wars so that … Continue reading “How to Fight a Better War (Next Time)”

Things to Ponder Before You Enlist

Dear Tayler, First I want to say how much I enjoyed seeing you and Bayley and your mom when I visited last week. Aunt Bonnie did a wonderful thing bringing us all together again for Great Grandpa’s 90th birthday. In particular, I am writing to you because of something that happened at Great Grandpa’s home … Continue reading “Things to Ponder Before You Enlist”