Senate Report Urges Warmer Ties With Sri Lanka

Despite ongoing concern about the country’s human rights situation, the United States should seek a more positive relationship with strife-torn Sri Lanka, primarily for geopolitical reasons, according to a new report released here Monday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The 18-page report, which was released on the eve of a two-day visit to the … Continue reading “Senate Report Urges Warmer Ties With Sri Lanka”

Sri Lankan Govt. Rebukes Tamil ‘Propaganda Machine’

UNITED NATIONS – The Sri Lankan government, which has come under heavy fire for the massive humanitarian crisis in the country’s war zone, is winning the 25-year-old military conflict but is on the verge of losing the propaganda war overseas. "It is a very stressful time here," said Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona, a … Continue reading “Sri Lankan Govt. Rebukes Tamil ‘Propaganda Machine’”