How Think Tanks Think

When liberal Americans find themselves at a loss as to why Democrats appear to walk, talk and gurgle like Republicans on national security issues — especially during election season — they honestly need to look no further than the powerful think tank apparatus in Washington for the culprit. First of all, it is important to … Continue reading “How Think Tanks Think”

We Are All Humanitarian Interventionists

A “happy holidays” email from The Atlantic’s ubiquitous self-promoter Steve Clemons last week suggests that any unified right-left movement to end America’s wars of choice might be unattainable. Normally I do not read Clemons, but on this occasion I persevered and was rewarded with a bit of political folderol that was too deliciously bizarre not … Continue reading “We Are All Humanitarian Interventionists”

Getting Beyond ‘Left’ and ‘Right’

Editorial note: What follows is the transcript of a speech given in Danbury, Conn., and Boston, Mass., under the auspices of the Ridgefield Liberty Forum and the Boston chapter of, respectively. We’ve just had an election in which no mention was made of the two wars we are now fighting. Now that may seem … Continue reading “Getting Beyond ‘Left’ and ‘Right’”

Anti-Interventionism: The Left-Wing Tradition

In conversation with a progressive friend of mine the other day, I had occasion to hear a valid criticism of my writing: why, he asked me, do you limit yourself to attacking the left on the war question, why not praise them when they’re doing something right? This is a paraphrase, and not a word … Continue reading “Anti-Interventionism: The Left-Wing Tradition”

Is the Antiwar Movement Waking Up?

Like Rip van Winkle, it seems that the American antiwar movement is – finally – waking up, although, like the original Rip, it doesn’t seem to have changed its idle ways. "A restive antiwar movement," avers the New York Times, "largely dormant since the election of Barack Obama, is preparing a nationwide campaign this fall … Continue reading “Is the Antiwar Movement Waking Up?”