An Assault on Freedom of the Press

The firestorm commenced by the revelation of the execution of a search warrant on the personal email server of my Fox News colleague James Rosen continues to rage, and the conflagration engulfing the First Amendment continues to burn; and it is the Department of Justice itself that is fanning the flames. As we know from … Continue reading “An Assault on Freedom of the Press”

Press Freedom Under Threat in Age of WikiLeaks

Freedom of the press could be seriously impacted across the world in the wake of the ongoing political revelations brought about by whistle-blowing websites such as WikiLeaks, one of foremost constitutional law experts in the U.S. said Tuesday. Speaking at a Personal Democracy Forum event, "WikiLeaks and Internet Freedom II", at New York University, veteran … Continue reading “Press Freedom Under Threat in Age of WikiLeaks”

Post-9/11 Militarism Helps BP, Hurts America

Down on the bayou, reporters and activists have been pulled over and questioned by British Petroleum security guards and local police because they might be “terrorists.” Journalists have been kicked off public property, detained, harassed, and forced to hand over their photographs – and their Social Security numbers. They’ve been prevented from renting boats or … Continue reading “Post-9/11 Militarism Helps BP, Hurts America”