Have a Patriotic Super Bowl!

Sports items do not often appear on Antiwar.com but I think that this year we Americans have an opportunity to show the world just how patriotic we are by combining the world’s greatest sporting event with some serious fun at the expense of our enemies. Since 9/11, there has been a melding of professional athletics … Continue reading “Have a Patriotic Super Bowl!”

Militarism Is Not Patriotism

Every July 4, the nation’s official birthday, many Americans conflate the U.S. military and what it does abroad with “patriotism.” This past weekend was no exception. Yet there are many things wrong with this line of reasoning. Let’s start with July 4. What happened on July 4, 1776? Actually, not all that much. Although most … Continue reading “Militarism Is Not Patriotism”

Liberty Versus ‘Patriotism’

Dozens of people have been arrested under the Stolen Valor Act, which punishes, by up to a year in jail, the wearing of any unearned military medal. It is still a crime even if no effort was made to profit from the adornment or dissembling about earning it. This law is now being challenged in … Continue reading “Liberty Versus ‘Patriotism’”

Is Adulation of the Military Really Patriotic?

A recent article in the New York Times reported that the military has become frustrated with President Barack Obama because he hasn’t quickly decided to risk more of their lives in an Afghan war that is likely to be unwinnable. In a post-World War II world that has featured a non-traditional militarized foreign policy of … Continue reading “Is Adulation of the Military Really Patriotic?”