Inspectors Call Afghan Police Tracking System a Failure

A system designed to track the success of Afghan police training is deeply flawed, says a report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan (SIGAR). Some 67 out of 101 Afghan National Police (ANP) units rated capable of working independently had regressed within a year, says the report that was published Tuesday. “It basically has … Continue reading “Inspectors Call Afghan Police Tracking System a Failure”

‘Twas Brillig in Bananastan

Who’s the bigger fraud: Hamid Karzai, or the phalanx of Western toads who are hailing him as the "legitimate" president of Afghanistan? To review the bidding: Karzai appointed a gang of crooks as election officials who threw the original election to his corner. UN election monitors tossed out a million or so votes, so Karzai … Continue reading “‘Twas Brillig in Bananastan”

Us or Them in Afghanistan?

In Washington, calls are increasing, especially among anxious Democrats, for the president to commit to training ever more Afghan troops and police rather than sending in more American troops. Huge numbers for imagined future Afghan army and police forces are now bandied about in Congress and the media – though no one stops to wonder … Continue reading “Us or Them in Afghanistan?”