Switch to Petraeus Betrays Afghan Policy Crisis

Despite President Barack Obama’s denial that his decision to fire Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal as commander in Afghanistan and replace him with Gen. David Petraeus signified any differences with McChrystal over war strategy, the decision obviously reflects a desire by Obama to find a way out of a deepening policy crisis in Afghanistan. Although the … Continue reading “Switch to Petraeus Betrays Afghan Policy Crisis”

American Death Squad

As the story of Bush administration’s war crimes comes out in fits and starts, it appears that torture is only one aspect – and not the worst, by any means – of this horrific history. In an interview in mid-March, Seymour Hersh let slip the following: "After 9/11 – I haven’t written about this yet … Continue reading “American Death Squad”

McChrystal Choice Suggests Special-Ops Strikes to Continue

The choice of Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal to become the new U.S. commander in Afghanistan has been hailed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and national news media as ushering in a new, unconventional approach to counterinsurgency. But McChrystal’s background sends a very different message from the one claimed by Gates and the news media. His … Continue reading “McChrystal Choice Suggests Special-Ops Strikes to Continue”