Friday: 46 Iraqis Killed, 114 Wounded

Updated at 7:40 p.m. EDT, June 18, 2010 At least 46 Iraqis were killed and 114 were wounded in a series of significant attacks across the country. Most casualties were from two bombings north of Baghdad, but some smaller attacks were striking in their savagery. Meanwhile, the United Nations is investigating claims that Iraqi asylum seekers were mistreated before being deported back to Iraq, where the refugee problem remains discouraging.

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 12 Iraqis Killed; 22 Iraqis Wounded

At least 15 Iraqis were killed and 22 more were wounded. Also, a U.S. soldier died of non-combat wounds. Meanwhile, the Kurdish Autonomous Region’s prime minister, Barham Saleh, said that the Kurds would not support the new government without guarantees being made.

Thursday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 42 Wounded

Updated at 6:02 p.m. EDT, June 3, 2010 At least 14 Iraqis were killed and 42 more were wounded in the latest attacks and in a mass grave discovered near the capital. Also, the PKK, which has sought to give Kurds an independent country have ended their unilateral truce with Turkey.

Congress Sends Wrong Message to Iraq

After more than 19 years of war, including seven years of occupation, the U.S. Congress still does not grasp domestic politics in Iraq. This week, the House passed a resolution asking the State Department to establish U.S. consulates in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, as well as in “other regions” in the country. This resolution … Continue reading “Congress Sends Wrong Message to Iraq”

Tuesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded

At least eight Iraqis were killed and 31 more were wounded in the latest attacks. In Kurdistan, over 100 children killed during the Saddam era were reburied during a somber ceremony. Also, the U.S., Turkey and Iraq have drafted a plan to fight jointly against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) even though the PKK has been seeking a truce.

Tuesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded; Mass Grave Found

Although few casualties were reported today, a message from an al-Qaeda leader is raising fears of a coming surge in violence. At least two Iraqis were killed and 15 more were wounded in today’s attacks. Also, a Saddam-era mass grave gave up about 20 victims. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stressed that he will not recognize election results until there is a recount. In the U.S., a four star general testified in a hearing concerning the murder of Iraqis in Haditha five years ago.

Are Kurds’ Days of Kingmaking Over?

In the run-up to Iraq’s parliamentary elections next week, the once-united Kurds are not only suffering deep fissures but are expected to lose their privileged kingmaker position after the polls. This lack of unity coupled with the rise of several strong coalitions in the rest of the country may lead to the decline of Kurdish … Continue reading “Are Kurds’ Days of Kingmaking Over?”