Damage Control in the Balkans

In March 2004, tens of thousands of Albanians rampaged across Kosovo, the occupied Serbian province then still nominally under UN and NATO authority. After three days of murder, arson, pillage, and ethnic cleansing, the 1999 myth of the noble "Kosovar" victims looked to be in tatters. Within weeks, however, the media machine was in overdrive and working … Continue reading “Damage Control in the Balkans”

Holbrooke’s Legacy

As the panegyrics to Richard Holbrooke spread over the internet like a thickening fog, the real legacy of this State Department apparatchik came across the news wires a few hours after his death: “Kosovo’s prime minister is the head of a “mafia-like” Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe, … Continue reading “Holbrooke’s Legacy”

Eastern Frontiers

One of the many erroneous beliefs held by Imperial policymakers and their supporters is that history can end – and on their terms, no less. Back in August, German FM Guido Westerwelle told Belgrade that, “The map of southeastern Europe has been laid down and completed.” Events of the past few weeks suggest that Empire’s … Continue reading “Eastern Frontiers”

Serbia Prepares a New Case Over Kosovo

BELGRADE – Serbia is preparing to go before the United Nations next month to renew negotiations over the future of Kosovo, its southern breakaway province that has declared independence and been recognized by a number of countries. Serbia is planning its next steps after it was clearly taken aback with the decision Jul. 22 by … Continue reading “Serbia Prepares a New Case Over Kosovo”