Trouble in Paradise: The Militarization of Jeju Island 

JEJU ISLAND, South Korea – The South Korean government has been campaigning to have its southern island of Jeju recognized as one of the seven new wonders of nature. A favorite honeymoon spot in Asia and an official "island of peace," Jeju already boasts several UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites. There’s an extinct volcano at … Continue reading “Trouble in Paradise: The Militarization of Jeju Island “

The End of America’s Pacific Century

Usually it’s the giant stories that catch your eye. The wars, the uproars, the Arab Spring — the things you can’t miss. But every now and then, news stories about easily overlooked subjects somehow manage to shine the strongest light on a changing world. The Cohn sisters, Claribel and Etta, from a wealthy Baltimore family, … Continue reading “The End of America’s Pacific Century”

US and South Korea Impose New Sanctions on North

The United States and South Korea will impose new sanctions on North Korea in an effort to crackdown on the North’s participation in arms proliferation and increase pressure on Pyongyang after the sinking of a South Korean warship. The new sanctions – which were introduced Wednesday during U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s two-day visit … Continue reading “US and South Korea Impose New Sanctions on North”

Pressure Mounts on N. Korea Over Warship Attack

Thursday’s formal accusation by South Korea that a North Korean torpedo sunk the warship Cheonan, killing 46 South Korean sailors, has set off a flurry of activity in Washington as politicians and foreign policy experts try to identify an appropriate U.S. response while balancing the need to maintain a stable relationship with China — the … Continue reading “Pressure Mounts on N. Korea Over Warship Attack”

How Bush Pushed North Korea to Nukes

Back in October of 2007, after two years of negotiations, China, Russia, Japan, the two Koreas and the United States reached agreement on "Second-Phase Actions" for the Implementation of the Six-Party Joint Agreement of September 15, 2005. The neo-crazies (and human-rights activist fellow-travelers) opposed those negotiations from the git-go and they’re still at, vowing to … Continue reading “How Bush Pushed North Korea to Nukes”