Will Congress Act to Stop US Support for Honduras’ Death Squad Regime?

The video (warning: contains graphic images of lethal violence), caught randomly on a warehouse security camera, is chilling.Five young men walk down a quiet street in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A big black SUV pulls up, followed by a second vehicle. Two masked men with bullet-proof vests jump out of the lead car, with AK-47s raised. The … Continue reading “Will Congress Act to Stop US Support for Honduras’ Death Squad Regime?”

With Increased US Aid, Honduras Militarizes Anti-Drug Fight

TEGUCIGALPA – The United States appears to be strengthening its anti-drug strategy in Central America, whose focus in the case of Honduras will include military operations with troops from both countries, to begin in the jungle region of Mosquitia on the Atlantic coast. Prior to last week’s visit by U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary for … Continue reading “With Increased US Aid, Honduras Militarizes Anti-Drug Fight”

US Appeals for Calm in Honduras, Repeats Support for Zelaya

Confirming that that exiled Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has secretly returned to Tegucigalpa, the U.S. State Department Monday appealed for calm and reiterated its recognition that he is the legitimate president. "We have confirmed that he is in Honduras. Where exactly he is, I don’t know," the department’s spokesman, Ian Kelly, told reporters during his … Continue reading “US Appeals for Calm in Honduras, Repeats Support for Zelaya”

State Dept Condemns Honduran ‘Coup d’Etat,’ Curtails Aid

Frustrated by the continued intransigence of the Honduran regime that ousted President Manuel Zelaya, the U.S. State Department followed through Wednesday on threats to cut off aid to Honduras. "Restoration of the terminated assistance will be predicated upon a return to democratic, constitutional governance in Honduras," the State Department said in a statement. Calling Zelaya’s … Continue reading “State Dept Condemns Honduran ‘Coup d’Etat,’ Curtails Aid”

US Tightens Screws on Honduras

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has revoked the visas of four senior officials of the de facto government in Honduras, the State Department announced Tuesday, in what was seen as the first of a series of new steps Washington is considering to force acceptance of a plan that would return President Manuel Zelaya … Continue reading “US Tightens Screws on Honduras”

Honduras: Dictatorships and Double Standards Revisited

When the Honduran military deposed President Manuel Zelaya on Sunday, in an incident that stirred memories of Cold War military coups in Latin America, it also seems to have caused at least some foreign policy commentators here to revert to positions reminiscent of the Cold War. While the Organization of American States (OAS), the U.N. … Continue reading “Honduras: Dictatorships and Double Standards Revisited”