Drowning in the Law of the Sea

Within an hour after Israel commandos hijacked the Free Gaza Movement flotilla on the high seas and killed at least nine relief workers, Israel’s Foreign Ministry posted to its Web site a “legal background” to the attack. The short, 12-point statement makes a low-key, matter of fact argument why the law is on Israel’s side. … Continue reading “Drowning in the Law of the Sea”

Exodus 2010

On the high seas, outside territorial waters, the ship was stopped by the navy. The commandos stormed it. Hundreds of people on the deck resisted; the soldiers used force. Some of the passengers were killed, scores injured. The ship was brought into harbor; the passengers were taken off by force. The world saw them walking … Continue reading “Exodus 2010”

The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Not many atrocities can be less controversial than Israel’s attack on the Turkish-based flotilla heading to Gaza yesterday. Like Somali pirates, Israel attacked the boats in international waters. Like the darkest regimes, Israeli forces opened fire on unarmed civilians who had not posed a threat to anybody, except to the siege that Israel (with Egyptian … Continue reading “The Flotilla in the Israeli Press”

Israeli Attack May Have a Silver Lining

Details of Israel’s attack on the flotilla to Gaza containing humanitarian aid are still leaking out from the Israeli attempt to stifle them. But even if Israel’s spin about its attack on the flotilla is accepted, the situation is still fairly damning for Israel. Israel maintains that it ordered the flotilla to divert to the … Continue reading “Israeli Attack May Have a Silver Lining”

Censure Follows Raid on Gaza Aid Flotilla

RAMALLAH – The Israeli government’s spin machine has launched into full-throttle as the country faces yet another diplomatic crisis and harsh international criticism for Monday’s raid on the Free Gaza (FG) humanitarian aid flotilla that left 19 people dead and about 50 injured. However, whether Israel’s slick and well-oiled publicity machine, and the various lobby … Continue reading “Censure Follows Raid on Gaza Aid Flotilla”

The Mediterranean Massacre

The condemnations, the imprecations, the expressions of shock are rolling in, as the nations of the world raise their voices in protest over the Mediterranean massacre carried out by Israeli commandos, but rather than get into specifics, I want to note a general pattern that this incident seems to confirm. It is often said, by … Continue reading “The Mediterranean Massacre”

Israeli MP’s Terror on Aid Ship

An Arab member of the Israeli parliament who was on board the international flotilla that was attacked on Monday as it tried to take humanitarian aid to Gaza accused Israel yesterday of intending to kill peace activists as a way to deter future convoys. Haneen Zoubi said Israeli naval vessels had surrounded the flotilla’s flagship, … Continue reading “Israeli MP’s Terror on Aid Ship”

Obama’s Timidity and Deaths at Sea

A chief lesson to learn from President Barack Obama’s recent unwillingness to stand up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Lobby is that such timidity can get people killed. Casualty figures are still arriving in the wake of Israel’s Sunday night-Monday morning commando attack on an unarmed flotilla trying to bring relief … Continue reading “Obama’s Timidity and Deaths at Sea”

Killings Could Boomerang on Israel

JERUSALEM – What exactly happened on the high seas off the Gaza-Israel coast remains in murky waters.Already though, the implications of Israel’s assault on the peace flotilla of civilian vessels headed with humanitarian relief supplies for the besieged Palestinian territory are becoming starkly clear. Despite the unexpected loss of lives the killings might just remain … Continue reading “Killings Could Boomerang on Israel”