Europe Steps In to Pressure Israel

JERUSALEM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Palestinian counterpart Salam Fayyad have both been scrambling earnestly to win the backing of European leaders in advance of what could be a major EU policy shift that aims at creating new impetus for Palestinian-Israeli peace prospects. The incipient European initiative, inspired by Sweden, which currently … Continue reading “Europe Steps In to Pressure Israel”

Will NATO’s 60th Anniversary Be Its Last?

  If you think the Afghan War is increasingly unpopular in the United States, try Europe. A recent German Marshall Fund poll offered these figures on the question of the “share of population who want to reduce or withdraw troops” from that country: Romania, 71 percent; Poland, 68 percent; United Kingdom, 60 percent; Germany, 57 … Continue reading “Will NATO’s 60th Anniversary Be Its Last?”

The Lessons of August

World Wars and Lessons for Empire The Great War began 95 years ago this month, with the guns of August ending what has been described as Europe’s last summer. And 64 years ago this week, two nuclear weapons used against Japanese cities signaled the end of the Second World War. The first conflict broke the … Continue reading “The Lessons of August”