The US Should Take Lessons From Mexico

In the United States, the image of Mexico is abysmal and largely wrong. The average American seems to believe that Mexico is a destitute, quasi-socialist nation with rampant drug violence that is sending waves of illegal immigrants to the United States. Although drug violence is a problem in Mexico — the country has had 34,000 … Continue reading “The US Should Take Lessons From Mexico”

A Superpower Needs to Emulate an Economic Superhero

Despite its decline in academia, Keynesian economics is still alive and well in the American mainstream and business press. Recent developments in Estonia, however, should undermine that standing but probably won’t. The reason empirical evidence hasn’t driven a stake through the heart of the Keynesian vampire is because Keynes created this house-of-cards theory to justify … Continue reading “A Superpower Needs to Emulate an Economic Superhero”

Taking Down America

Trying to play down the significance of an ongoing WikiLeaks dump of more than 250,000 State Department documents, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently offered the following bit of Washington wisdom: “The fact is, governments deal with the United States because it’s in their interest, not because they like us, not because they trust us, … Continue reading “Taking Down America”

Broder’s Brainstorm

Though Obama “may lose control of Congress,” says columnist David Broder, he “can still storm back to win a second term in 2012.” How does Broder suggest Obama go about it? “Look back at FDR and the Great Depression. What finally resolved that economic crisis? World War II.” Conceding the prospect of a new war … Continue reading “Broder’s Brainstorm”