Spyfail: Foreign Spies, Moles, Saboteurs, and the Collapse of America’s Counterintelligence

James Bamford’s Spyfail ruffles all the right feathers. Bamford is best known for his books The Puzzle Palace and The Shadow Factory, both about the National Security Agency. The NSA did not initially know whether to fete or undermine Bamford after he thrust the agency’s secretive activities, such as data mining Americans, into the spotlight. … Continue readingSpyfail: Foreign Spies, Moles, Saboteurs, and the Collapse of America’s Counterintelligence”

Israel and Its US Lobby Dealt Major Blow by China-Saudi-Iran Peace Initiative

On Thursday the New York Times ran yet another report about Saudi Arabia’s entry into an “Abraham Accord,” but if only certain conditions could be met. It quoted longtime Israel lobby heavyweight Martin Indyk and reported on the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s think tank the Washington Institute for Near East Policy “expert” delegation’s visit … Continue reading “Israel and Its US Lobby Dealt Major Blow by China-Saudi-Iran Peace Initiative”

Virginia Rejects Israel’s Energix CdTe Solar Farm Panels

The 2011 bankruptcy of thin film solar energy manufacturer Solyndra two years after former Vice President Joe Biden announced $535 million in loans in 2009 plagued the Obama administration’s legacy and raised questions about Department of Energy oversight of U.S. renewable energy projects. As midterm elections approach this year, some prominent Republicans continue to campaign … Continue reading “Virginia Rejects Israel’s Energix CdTe Solar Farm Panels”

Israel’s Nukes Make US Aid Illegal

Peter Beinart’s New York Times essay "America Needs to Start Telling the Truth About Israel’s Nukes" earlier this month caused a firestorm. In it, Beinart noted how the prevalence of US "lies of omission" allow policymakers and politicians to pretend Israel does not have nuclear weapons. This in turn generates the false narrative that Iran’s … Continue reading “Israel’s Nukes Make US Aid Illegal”

‘Abraham Accords’ Discredit the US

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) continues to lobby Congress for more support for the so-called "Abraham Accords." This Trump administration initiative sought to transcend the spectacular failure of the "Deal of the Century" initiative that called for Palestinian acquiescence to annexation and renunciation of sovereignty rights in exchange for vague and uncertain economic … Continue reading “‘Abraham Accords’ Discredit the US”

‘Cut Aid Over Israeli Apartheid’ Say Americans: Poll

Israel’s American lobby has long categorically rejected assertions that Israel is or would ever become an apartheid regime. That position has become more difficult to maintain over time. Former President Jimmy Carter’s 2006 New York Times bestseller "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" argued that Israel’s construction of settlements and control of occupied territories were the primary … Continue reading “‘Cut Aid Over Israeli Apartheid’ Say Americans: Poll”

Energix Faces Opposition in Syria and Virginia

In early December hundreds of Syrians gathered to protest the Israeli company Energix as it began construction of massive wind turbines in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Energix is also facing growing community opposition across Virginia as it lobbies to secure permits to build solar energy utilities on mostly agricultural parcels with cultural, forest and natural … Continue reading “Energix Faces Opposition in Syria and Virginia”

The Jonathan Pollard Exception

Jonathan Jay Pollard sold thousands of sensitive American secrets to Israel while employed as an intelligence analyst in the Naval Investigative Service Command. Pollard was ideologically committed to becoming a spy for Israel, and after he was captured claimed he considered himself “a frontline soldier forgotten deep in enemy territory.” Pollard pled guilty to espionage … Continue reading “The Jonathan Pollard Exception”

The Israel Lobby’s ‘QME’ Scam

The United Arab Emirates bid to purchase F-35 multirole stealth aircraft caused a firestorm among Israel lobby operatives, pundits and congressional fellow travelers. They say the US has an obligation to maintain Israel’s "Qualitative Military Edge" if not Israel’s "Qualitative AND Quantitative Military Edge." QME is a doctrine that US war planners originally conceived to … Continue reading “The Israel Lobby’s ‘QME’ Scam”

Are Christian Zionists the ‘Largest Pro-Israel Lobby’?

The claim that US Christian Zionists are "the largest Israel lobby" is a canard now so commonplace that it appears within the first paragraph of Wikipedia’s page on the "Israel lobby in the United States." But are Christian Zionists really the largest Israel lobby? That all depends on your definition of "large," "lobby" and beliefs … Continue reading “Are Christian Zionists the ‘Largest Pro-Israel Lobby’?”