Long Live Libertarianism

Today’s Wall Street Journal [May 2] proclaims, with a flourish of editorial trumpets, "The Fall of the Libertarians." The cause of the movement’s alleged demise? 9/11. Oh yes, "everything’s changed" since that awful day, including the possibility of getting Big Government off our backs: "The great free-market revolution that began with the coming to power … Continue reading “Long Live Libertarianism”

Lessons of Forgotten Wars

This column has claimed before, not so long ago, that what happened in the Balkans had significant implications for events elsewhere in the world. From the International Criminal Court based on the Hague Inquisition, to advocates of overt imperialism emboldened by the "success" of Balkans interventions, waves generated by Yugoslavia’s violent implosion are reaching the … Continue reading “Lessons of Forgotten Wars”

Reading the Tea Leaves

As Crown Prince Abdullah left Rancho Dubya, neoconservative princeling Bill Kristol stamped his foot and shrilly demanded to know “What was the point of Saudi crown prince Abdullah’s trip to Crawford, Texas? Nothing substantial emerged from the so-called summit.” Less than 24 hours later, the President had sprung Arafat from his Ramallah jail. Does that … Continue reading “Reading the Tea Leaves”

‘Why Does Everybody Hate Me?’

In this exclusive interview, Jean-Marie Le Pen heaps contempt on the palm-greasers, opportunists and back-scratchers who make up the French political establishment. If there is calm in the eye of the storm, it was certainly to be found at Jean-Marie Le Pen’s sumptuous villa in Saint-Cloud, Paris, on Tuesday afternoon. In the world outside, … Continue reading “‘Why Does Everybody Hate Me?’”

Financing Venezuelan Mischief

I thought it was a little curious when our newspaper, on the day of the coup that ousted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for 48 hours or so, received an exultant fax from one George A. Folsom of the International Republican Institute. "The Venezuelan people rose up to defend democracy in their country," crowed Mr. Folsom. … Continue reading “Financing Venezuelan Mischief”

War on the Horizon: Gaza

I heard the shooting from the balcony of my apartment. Ismail, Yusuf, and Anwar tried to infiltrate the Netzarim settlement in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday night. They may have carried knives with them. That’s what Abdul Aziz Rantissi said, a leader of Hamas in Gaza. They weren’t suicide bombers as the New York Times … Continue reading “War on the Horizon: Gaza”

Israel: A Socialist Sparta

If war is the health of the State, as Randolph Bourne put it, then the Israeli state must be bursting with a monstrous vitality – and so it is. The beleaguered and shrinking private sector groans under the burden of a parasitic state that grows fat on an endless stream of American "aid," both economic … Continue reading “Israel: A Socialist Sparta”

Cold War Liberalism:

In his new book, The Strange Death of American Liberalism (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001), H. W. Brands sets out to answer the question: How did American liberalism fall on hard times? The question refers, of course, not to classical liberalism but to the kind of 20th-century liberalism that wanted a strong, activist central … Continue reading “Cold War Liberalism:”

Winning Through Intimidation

How’s this for a pincer movement? The same issue of the Wall Street Journal that ran Benjamin Netanyahu’s screed calling on the US to "expand democracy" and "free speech" to the Middle East – presumably by overthrowing the current brutes in power – featured WSJ deputy features editor Tunku Varadarajan demanding that the parameters of … Continue reading “Winning Through Intimidation”