Same Old Story: Film at Eleven

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE….. Over the last few weeks a realization has been trickling down into the dimmer reaches of the US media. It is a realization that a specter is haunting Europe, the specter of Greater Albania. There is much open shock and dismay – now – that our little pals, the Albanian guerrillas, … Continue reading “Same Old Story: Film at Eleven”

America’s War Against Christianity

THE MYSTERY OF SELF-CRUCIFIXION What I don’t get is this: how come American born-again Christians slavishly rationalize the casual brutalities of Israel’s every twist and turn, close their eyes to the killing of Palestinian children, and hail the butcher Ariel Sharon as some kind of modern-day Moses – but, when it comes to defending a … Continue reading “America’s War Against Christianity”


Israel is presently experiencing a clear return to the past. The younger generation – Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, born in the 1940’s – was forced out of the political arena, and the older generation – Ariel Sharon (as Prime Minister) and Shimon Peres (as Foreign Minister), born in the 1920’s – returned to power. … Continue reading “BARAK’S LEGACY”

Unhappy Anniversary

On March 24, 1999, at 1858 GMT, NATO warplanes attacked Yugoslav positions outside Pristina and Belgrade – and the Albanian juggernaut was launched. By March 24, 2001, that juggernaut will have rolled deep into Macedonia, while the suddenly “non-interventionist” Americans and Brits stand aside and let their KLA pit bulls tear Macedonia asunder. The once … Continue reading “Unhappy Anniversary”

Wesley’s War

Breathtaking in its scope, monumental in its sheer brazenness, the hypocrisy of Wesley K. Clark – former supreme commander of American occupation forces in Europe during the Kosovo war – is an awesome sight to behold. This perfumed prince of the military elite, having retired along with Bill Clinton, his patron and promoter, is now … Continue reading “Wesley’s War”

Toward a Less Intrusive Foreign Policy?

It is possible to view events this week as evidence that an administration that has evinced little passionate interest in foreign policy, assuming office after a campaign in which foreign policy played almost no role in the debates or the outcome, could be drawn inexorably into deeper involvement in some of the many crises around … Continue reading “Toward a Less Intrusive Foreign Policy?”

Macedonia Explodes

If you want an example of multiculturalism in practice, you have only to look at Macedonia – which is now exploding in a paroxysm of inter-ethnic violence. The Albanian minority in that war-torn nation has been accommodated and coddled to a degree that even our own mandarins of political correctness would find a bit excessive: … Continue reading “Macedonia Explodes”

Selective Amnesia: The Epidemic

I take great pleasure in my job as a columnist and editorial director of what could be more enjoyable than the life of a pundit, sitting around commenting on the wicked ways of the world? But sometimes, especially lately, it becomes downright depressing: every day, disaster looms, and every week the same patterns recur. … Continue reading “Selective Amnesia: The Epidemic”

Decision Time in Kosovo Coming?

Is there a chance the Bush Administration will do anything other than muddle through with the failed and failing policies put in place by the Clinton administration in Kosovo and the Balkans? Early on some comments by National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice suggested that it was time to rethink what has in essence become an … Continue reading “Decision Time in Kosovo Coming?”