A Conflicted Activist Speaks Out

I am one of many deeply conflicted ex-activists who worked to stop the war on Vietnam but isn’t (at least as of October 10) quite sure how to act in the current situation. Let’s get the bona fides out of the way first. In the 1960s and early-1970s, I was involved majorly in the anti-war … Continue reading “A Conflicted Activist Speaks Out”

Building A Peace Movement In Wartime

With the launching of cruise missiles and bombs the war is truly on. It would be prudent to take American leaders at their word that this is likely to be a protracted conflict – think Cold War rather than Gulf War – if only because war is the health of the state and a protracted … Continue reading “Building A Peace Movement In Wartime”

Afghanistan and Chinese Power

Not many countries are developing as swiftly as China. After 50 years of foolishness, despair and acute poverty, the 1980s and ’90s came as a thunderbolt for most Chinese. As a result, the development is most uneven, with the latest Benz honking furiously at peasant-pulled vegetable-laden go-carts in the middle of a somewhat-paved garbage-strewn thoroughfare. … Continue reading “Afghanistan and Chinese Power”

What Can We Do About Terrorism?

This three-part series will propose the actions I believe our government should take to fight terrorism. Before looking at those proposals, however, we need to establish some ground rules. Perfection isn’t an option Rule #1: No solution is going to be perfect. Our government has created ill will in many parts of the world. It … Continue reading “What Can We Do About Terrorism?”


Leon Hadar, a foreign policy analyst whose books and articles for the libertarian Cato Institute have long argued for a foreign policy of restraint, worries aloud in the Business Times that George W. Bush may lose support if he doesn’t invade somebody, somehow, and soon. While support for the President is at an all-time high, … Continue reading “THE INCOMPETENCE OF EMPIRE”

New War May Reveal New Superpower

On this 52nd anniversary of the founding of this magnificent nation, not much transpired. Girls dressed up as they always do and pranced around this or that stage. Men toasted each other, bought stuffed toys for 200 yuan, pretending to be rich. Pink ballons were the rave this time around. The balloon hawkers stared into … Continue reading “New War May Reveal New Superpower”

Anti-Terrorism for the Long Haul

Despite some absurdly bellicose rhetoric and impossible goals – I don’t know many people who think terrorism and evil can be wiped out once and for all – U.S. leaders have so far moved with a certain amount of deftness in the wake of the September 11 atrocities. But while some sort of military or … Continue reading “Anti-Terrorism for the Long Haul”