The Sailors Who Fell From Grace with the Sea

For months, Japanese officials have been denying it: but now, the signs are all too apparent. Mt. Fuji, the sacred symbol of Japan – which some still worship as a god – is on the verge of erupting. The long dormant volcano is awakening, say scientists – and the news is not at all welcome … Continue reading “The Sailors Who Fell From Grace with the Sea”

Is There Something in the Water?

It must be something in the water: or, perhaps, “Mad Cow” disease is spreading much faster than anyone realizes. I had to read the headline on this news story from the London Independent at least three times, early this [Tuesday] morning, just to make sure I wasn’t still asleep and dreaming: “British protester charged with … Continue reading “Is There Something in the Water?”

An Anti-Imperialist’s Reading List:: Part Two

COLD WAR IMPERIALISM, OR ‘LEADERSHIP OF THE FREE WORLD’ With the ritual bombing of Iraq taking on symbolic importance as the first foreign policy act of any incoming US administration, it is astounding that our wonderful "free press" can never bothered to admit, much less discuss, the joys and sorrows of empire. World War II … Continue reading “An Anti-Imperialist’s Reading List:: Part Two”

Bombs Over Baghdad: The Blair Factor

As bonnie Prince Charles arrived in Saudi Arabia on a private visit, US and British warplanes launched their first major attack on the outskirts of Baghdad, signaling a new and more aggressive Anglo-American stance in the Middle East – with the emphasis on the Anglo. To read the British papers, one gets the definite impression … Continue reading “Bombs Over Baghdad: The Blair Factor”

Middle East: A Time for Reassessment

The overwhelming victory in the Israeli prime ministerial election by former defense ministers and noted hawk Ariel Sharon could be viewed as a harbinger of wider conflict and violence in the region. Despite his margin over Ehud Barak, however, Sharon may not have nearly as much latitude to do what he wants as some observers … Continue reading “Middle East: A Time for Reassessment”

Globalizing ‘Star Wars’

I know a lot of good conservative Republicans, fierce opponents of US global military intervention, who have signed on the to the Bush administration’s National Missile Defense program for what they regard as good “isolationist” reasons. To begin with, they opine, the US does indeed have a growing number of determined enemies who would like … Continue reading “Globalizing ‘Star Wars’”