Underlying Problems in South Asia

The CBS reporter Monday morning – I didn’t catch the name, coming in at the end of the report – was probably not conscious of implicitly endorsing a theory of international relations and political action, and one without a whole lot of evidence behind it. Discussing the fact that the presidents of India and Pakistan … Continue reading “Underlying Problems in South Asia”

Defending Taiwan’s ‘Democracy’

Executive Summary: Whenever Blue Team “China Threat” theorists need to rationalize gunboat diplomacy against China, they trot out their “Taiwan is a Democracy” thesis. “Taiwan is a lively / thriving / vibrant democracy” they declare, “therefore Americans have a moral obligation to rally to its defense.” Their syllogism is bogus in every respect. First, Taiwan … Continue reading “Defending Taiwan’s ‘Democracy’”

National Defense & National Offense

You might think I never advocate an expansion of any government function. Not so. I’d like to see a greater national defense. In fact, I’d like to see a national defense – period. Today our government spends virtually nothing on defense. Instead, it spends over $300 billion per year on offense – the most intimidating … Continue reading “National Defense & National Offense”

Unsolved Mysteries of 9/11

The horror of 9/11 was bad enough, but what makes it worse is the positively sinister undertone of what we are coming to learn about the events surrounding that singular event. In reviewing my "what’s up with that?" file of 9/11 news stories, it looks like I have enough material for a whole television series: … Continue reading “Unsolved Mysteries of 9/11”

The Long Shadow of Kosovo

This week, news from the Balkans has focused on the arrival of Bosnia’s new viceroy and the Serbian parliamentary purges. The fact that “Paddy” Ashdown, an accomplished belligerent statist, was to become Bosnia’s new overlord was already mentioned here. And while purges in Serbia might sound like exciting reading, they are but empty political posturing … Continue reading “The Long Shadow of Kosovo”