Long and Winding Road Toward Peace

I don’t necessarily consider John Hume, the prominent Northern Ireland politician who was co-recipient (with "moderate" Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble) of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize, a source of wisdom on ultimate principles. But he has experience with conflicts in his part of the world that might be useful in other parts of the … Continue reading “Long and Winding Road Toward Peace”

I Love America. Do you?

I love America. I love every concept the Statue of Liberty stands for – that individual liberty is held above the objectives of government; that, as Washington and Jefferson said, America imparts good will toward all and threatens no one; that this country is so big-hearted and prosperous it can welcome people from all over … Continue reading “I Love America. Do you?”


James Taranto’s usually quite boring “Best of the Web” column in the online Wall Street Journal gave me a chuckle the other day as I read his witless attack on Harry Browne, under the sophomoric subhead “Stupidity Watch”: “Another reason we’re not libertarian: Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party’s standard-bearer in 1996 and 2000, pens a … Continue reading “DEATH & THE WALL STREET JOURNAL


The military campaign against the Taliban has fulfilled the expectations of Pakistan’s ruler, General Musharraf, who hoped it would be "short and sharp.” And so it was. All of a sudden, the scent of victory is in the air. Last week, according to our disgruntled hawks, the war was "stalled," and Senator John McCain and … Continue reading “LET’S DECLARE VICTORY”


An old anti-Semitic slur that has been making the rounds for many years characterizes the Jews as “cosmopolites,” a “fifth column” that knows no loyalty to their host country but owes allegiance only to itself. This, of course, is an ignorant smear, one that, furthermore, has such an ugly history that it no longer seems … Continue reading “‘ISLAMO-FASCISM’– THE NEW BOGEYMAN”

Say No to a Palestinian ‘State’

Imagine the following scenario: after ages of discrimination, the United States decides to compensate African-Americans generously and to solve their problems once and for all. All African-Americans are locked up in prison, and the prisons are declared to be an independent African-American state. Sound crazy? That is just what the US and Israel are now … Continue reading “Say No to a Palestinian ‘State’”