Western Intervention Starves Africans and Starts Wars

War and drought are the standard explanations for starving Africans. War and drought definitely take their toll. But so do tax rates. Jude Wanniski has taken a look at taxation in Ethiopia. This is what he found. A farmer who earns $68 a year after expenses from cash sales of a crop is taxed 10%. … Continue reading “Western Intervention Starves Africans and Starts Wars”

A High Price for a Hollow Victory

The Iraq supplemental conference report before the Senate today has been widely described as a victory for President Bush. If hardball politics and lock-step partisanship are the stuff of which victory is made, then I suppose the assessments are accurate. But if reasoned discourse, integrity, and accountability are the measures of true victory, then this … Continue reading “A High Price for a Hollow Victory”

Iraq Reassessment: Due but Not Likely

The deaths of 16 Americans in a Chinook helicopter might have an impact on how ordinary Americans think about the ongoing conflict in Iraq, although it seems to have had little or no impact on the imperial capital just yet. Or did it? In a "profile in courage" worthy of the next ghostwritten chronicle the … Continue reading “Iraq Reassessment: Due but Not Likely”

Let Iraq Take Care of Iraq

Many Americans today may not be familiar with Will Rogers. However, Will Rogers was at one time considered by many to be the most popular man in America. He once said, "America has a great habit of always talking about protecting American interests in some foreign country." Then he said, "Protect them here at home. … Continue reading “Let Iraq Take Care of Iraq”

Bush Team Split on China, but Realists Hold the Reins

The major new player on the National Security Council (NSC), Robert Blackwill, attended as did the chief Asia specialist at the State Department, Assistant Secretary James Kelly. But when it came time at the Chinese embassy’s dinner last week to lift glasses in honor of the visiting guest, Beijing’s defense minister, Gen. Cao Gangchuan, his … Continue reading “Bush Team Split on China, but Realists Hold the Reins”


There was hardly anything left of the helicopter shot down by Iraqi insurgents on Sunday, in which 15 were killed and 21 seriously wounded: the thing seems to have disintegrated even quicker than the administration’s case for starting this war in the first place. Piling pathos atop tragedy, the occupants were on their way back … Continue reading “THE DEADLIEST DAY”

Keep Refighting the Good Fight

An interesting report in Friday’s Wall Street Journal looked back at last spring’s Topoff2 drill, which simulated a biological attack in Chicago and a dirty bombing in Seattle. May was a big month for gloating, you’ll recall, and Topoff2 was one of many encores in the Bush apotheosis extravaganza. Where have all the good times … Continue reading “Keep Refighting the Good Fight”