The idea that US foreign policy sowed the seeds of 9/11 is denounced as "anti-Americanism" and "blaming the victim" by our wartime intelligentsia, including such notables as Christopher Hitchens. The acerbic British-born journalist, who juggles columns in the glitzy Vanity Fair and the dowdy Nation, used to be a leftist and is now, whether or … Continue reading “WARMONGERS ON THE LEFT”


HOROWITZ GOES HAYWIRE – AGAIN Witch-hunter answers Raimondo – whines about ‘character assassination’ Editorial note: We reprint below a letter posted on David Horowitz’s Frontpage site, Horowitz’s crazed answer, and Justin Raimondo’s rejoinder. HOROWITZ EXPOSED I used to think David Horowitz was the cat’s pajamas for taking on the Left, but now am having “second … Continue reading “HOROWITZ GOES HAYWIRE – AGAIN”

Brute Force Doesn’t Solve Conflicts

The attacks between Palestinians and Israelis this past week have dominated the news. There are two very important points we can learn from these events: Israelis and Palestinians have been using force to retaliate against attacks for over 50 years — each seeking to teach the other "a lesson" whenever attacked. But none of the … Continue reading “Brute Force Doesn’t Solve Conflicts”