Destroying the Village to Save Weapons Manufacturers

One of the legacies of the Vietnam War is the now infamous quote from an American military press officer, "we had to destroy the village in order to save it." Rings some bells these days. In the name of "fighting terror," countries with secret weapons programs are poised to pulverize Iraq because of its secret … Continue reading “Destroying the Village to Save Weapons Manufacturers”

On Some Rhetorical Devices of the War Party

This Tuesday, all will be revealed and all our lingering doubts stilled. We shall stand in wonder at whatever New Doctrines the Great Man, who holds the Great Office, has for us. It is very likely that the new doctrines will grow out of, and represent bolder statements of existing doctrines. I can hardly wait. … Continue reading “On Some Rhetorical Devices of the War Party”

America: Deluded, Armed and Dangerous in the Middle East

If Americans understood our last war on Iraq, would we more strongly oppose another one? Do we know what our military does in the real world, where the Pentagon won’t even take our lapdog of a press corps out for a walk? The Gulf War’s ‘video game accuracy’ was a lie told by the Pentagon … Continue reading “America: Deluded, Armed and Dangerous in the Middle East”

If I Were a Cynic…

One thing you have to say about being opposed to this March’s Gulf War is that, there’s nothing desperately brave in being so. It’s a conceit of too many anti-war activists that by bravely striking out against this silly crusade, they’re taking on innumerable and implacable forces. In fact, in just about every country likely … Continue reading “If I Were a Cynic…”

Closer to Nuclear MADness

As nuclear taboos of various kinds get weakened and violated the world over, India and Pakistan are drawing each other into the vortex of a potentially ruinous nuclear and missile arms race. They are transiting from a posture of demonstrating an assured capability to cause mass destruction, to one of deterring each other with nuclear … Continue reading “Closer to Nuclear MADness”