Imperial ‘Exemptionalism’

Just as it seemed the Empire was going to embark on yet another evil little war, a miracle happened on the road to Damascus. A sensible solution proposed by Moscow caught the Washington warmongers off-guard, and removed their justification for war. Between that and the overwhelming lack of popular support, the Empire backed down – … Continue reading “Imperial ‘Exemptionalism’”

Yet Another Evil Little War

Attacking Syria has been the talk in Washington for years, all the way back to Bush II’s infamous "Axis of Evil" speech. The current (un)civil war started back in March 2011, out of the failed attempt to topple the government through another "Arab Spring" revolution, organized by the American Empire. As in Libya, the response … Continue reading “Yet Another Evil Little War”

Pride Before the Fall

What is the state? In the Lockean language of the U.S. founding documents, it is the apparatus of government "instituted among Men" to secure "certain unalienable Rights" such as "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". A more cynical perspective, informed by the experience of the 20th century, would term the state a protection racket … Continue reading “Pride Before the Fall”

KLA Boss and the Empire

Hashim Thaci has long been a darling of the Washington establishment. In 1999, while veteran of Croatia’s Serbicide Agim Ceku managed the “military” operations of the “Kosovo Liberation Army,” Thaci was the KLA’s public face. Kissing Madeleine Albright, hugging Tony Blair, shaking hands with Gen. Wesley Clark, Bernard Kouchner and Gen. Mike Jackson – Thaci … Continue reading “KLA Boss and the Empire”

The Meaning of Words

In February 2011, a series of protests began in North Africa, spreading from Tunisia to Egypt and then into Syria and the Arabian Peninsula. It was described as a popular revolt demanding more democracy, and dubbed the "Arab Spring." Soon however, details emerged about the involvement of activists funded and trained by the Empire. Here … Continue reading “The Meaning of Words”

It’s a Riot!

Europe’s Lawless Summer It is looking like a summer of discontent in Europe. In late May, “youths” in Sweden rioted for several days, torching cars and houses. At the beginning of June, tens of thousands of Turks took to the streets against the Erdogan government. Around the same time, Bosnian lawmakers were held hostage for … Continue reading “It’s a Riot!”

Consenting to Rape

The calmness with which the Empire and the EU took Belgrade’s initial refusal to accept their ultimatum should have been a telling sign of things to come. The carefully cultivated quislings of Serbia weren’t going off-script, but performing just as they’ve been coached. Their “no” had served to interrupt the momentum of domestic discontent and … Continue reading “Consenting to Rape”

An Unexpected Refusal

As late as Monday, it had appeared that the government in Belgrade would accept the demands from Brussels and capitulate on Kosovo. The province, occupied by NATO in 1999, was declared independent in February 2008, but despite the Empire’s insistence, even the most dedicated of quislings in Belgrade have been unwilling to recognize this. When … Continue reading “An Unexpected Refusal”