The News Never Stops

My life has changed pretty dramatically since I started working full-time as the News Editor of back in 2020. I started out in a studio apartment in Brooklyn and now live in an old farmhouse in rural Virginia (far from Washington DC).

The way I look at the world has also changed quite a bit since my wife Alison and I had our two boys, Dave and Tim (literally the coolest kids ever). The future has never mattered more to me. I have also rediscovered my Catholic faith, which fits well with being a professional opponent of war.

One thing that has remained consistent is the news. It doesn’t stop. For obvious reasons, my job has become much more difficult and time-consuming over these past few years amid the raging proxy war in Ukraine and now the US-backed Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

I have also tried to make it a point to cover the US military buildup against China, as I fear this new Cold War is going unnoticed and could lead to a catastrophe. As crazy as it sounds to you or me, it seems as if they really are preparing for a direct conflict with China, and the risk of nuclear war doesn’t seem to factor into their calculations.

I am frankly disgusted with the state of things in Congress and in the Biden administration, and don’t have hope that a change in administrations will make much of a difference. It’s easy to become cynical, and it would be easy for me to forget about this and get a job that pays more and requires fewer hours.

But I won’t! While those thoughts may cross my mind, I also recognize that I am extremely lucky to be working for and to be writing and doing a podcast for such a high-quality audience.

One thing I really admired about the staff when I first began reading the site and listening to the Scott Horton Show was how relentless everybody was. No matter how bad it got and how hopeless it seemed, they went on.

I often think of this Ron Paul quote when I’m reaching for inspiration: “Let it not be said we did nothing.”

So, I will continue providing critical news coverage of US foreign policy, regardless of who is in the White House or how many wars are being waged. But I need your help.

To provide this service, we rely on our readers for funding. The good news is that a group of our generous friends has pitched in $40,000 in matching funds, but we need to match that number in individual donations to get closer to our goal of $100,000.

Help me continue fighting for peace and donate today!

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of and host of the daily podcast Antiwar News with Dave DeCamp. He is based in Virginia and can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @decampdave.