The New ‘Russiagaters’: Right-Wingers Channel Hillary in Attacks on Biden

“Bad” Vlad Putin only “took over” part of Ukraine because of President Biden’s weakness. So says many in the US right wing. A “real man” president would have imposed costs so prohibitive that Putin would never have dreamed of recognizing what has been de facto reality since 2014: that the Russian-speaking part of Ukraine wants … Continue reading “The New ‘Russiagaters’: Right-Wingers Channel Hillary in Attacks on Biden”

Regime ‘Libertarians’ Call for Cato Blood

We have been long critical of a “libertarian international” (think of it as “LIBINTERN”, like the old COMINTERN) that has emerged (with lavish funding from the US government, as well as from the various hydra heads of the George Soros world, the shadowy Atlas Network, and elsewhere) to invariably chime in for US “regime change,” … Continue reading “Regime ‘Libertarians’ Call for Cato Blood”

Biden’s Insane ‘Russia False Flag’ Conspiracy Debunked

It is so rare to see an actual journalist rather than a regime stenographer in the US mainstream media that there really needs to be a federal “endangered species” protection designation. In this case it would be AP’s Matt Lee, their diplomatic affairs correspondent, who’s been around the block many times and whose reputation is … Continue reading “Biden’s Insane ‘Russia False Flag’ Conspiracy Debunked”

Bipartisanship: US House Races Massive Ukraine Weapons Transfer to the Floor!

In Washington the global US military empire is a bipartisan affair. With a trillion dollar yearly military budget, there are plenty of opportunities for both the position and the opposition parties to thrust snouts deeply into the trough. While Ron Paul was in Congress and GW Bush was president, we did a good deal to … Continue reading “Bipartisanship: US House Races Massive Ukraine Weapons Transfer to the Floor!”

Biden’s Ukrainian Albatross

Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell is given credit for popularizing the “Pottery Barn” rule of foreign policy. Though he denies using that exact phrase, in arguing against what became the disastrous 2003 US attack on Iraq Powell made the point that, as in Pottery Barn, “if you break it, you own it.” Bush and his … Continue reading “Biden’s Ukrainian Albatross”

Stumbling Into Catastrophe

There is a real danger for foreign policy advisors and analysts – and especially those they serve – when they are in a bubble, an echo chamber, and all of their conclusions are based on faulty inputs. Needless to say it’s even worse when they believe they can create their own reality and invent outcomes … Continue reading “Stumbling Into Catastrophe”

The Unbearable Hypocrisy of US Sanctions on Iran

On November 22nd of last year, the US government announced it would impose sanctions on Iran’s information minister for his alleged role in limiting domestic Internet access while protests raged in that country over increases in gas prices. At the time, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin condemned the Iranian government for censuring information that Iranian … Continue reading “The Unbearable Hypocrisy of US Sanctions on Iran”

The Failure of the Juan Guaido Coup in Venezuela

Remember Juan Guaido? Just a year ago the Venezuelan politician, unknown even in his own country, was tapped by the US government to lead a coup against the elected government of Nicolas Maduro. In a phone call with no less than Vice President Mike Pence himself, Guaido was told that if he declared himself president … Continue reading “The Failure of the Juan Guaido Coup in Venezuela”

Lindsey Graham: ‘Steal Syria’s Oil To Pay for US Occupation!’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has been chewing down his fingernails ever since President Trump’s first suggestion that US troops should come home from the Middle East. Last December, when Trump made it clear that he wanted to end the US troop presence in Syria and let the people of the region take care of their … Continue reading “Lindsey Graham: ‘Steal Syria’s Oil To Pay for US Occupation!’”