US-Backed Ukrainian Publication Releases New ‘Enemies List’

The US government-affiliated Ukrainian web publication “Data Journalism Agency” (TEXTY) has just released a report attacking hundreds of prominent American individuals and organizations as enemies for not supporting sending more US money and weapons to Ukraine. The report, titled “Roller Coaster: From Trumpists to Communists. The forces in the U.S. impeding aid to Ukraine and … Continue reading “US-Backed Ukrainian Publication Releases New ‘Enemies List’”

Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming…

Student action on university campuses against US involvement in Israel’s slaughter of Gaza has exploded across the country. Suddenly there is the distinct feel in the air of the anti-Vietnam war protests once they finally caught on in 1968 and soon thereafter changed the course of US history. Both protest movements were fully demonized by the same … Continue reading “Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming…”

Israel is Crossing All Boundaries as America Tires of its Endless Wars

Last week the Israelis scored a bloody “hat trick” – slaughtering seven international food aid workers, demolishing the last major hospital operating in Gaza, and – perhaps most dangerous – attacking an Iranian diplomatic facility in Damascus, Syria, in which several senior Iranian military figures were killed. There is a very good reason diplomatic facilities … Continue reading “Israel is Crossing All Boundaries as America Tires of its Endless Wars”

The TikTok Totalitarians

On Wednesday, March 13th, a bipartisan group of US Representatives voted to give the US president the power to remove any website, computer or mobile application, or even service provider that the president determines – without due process – is run by “a person subject to the direction of control of a foreign person or … Continue reading “The TikTok Totalitarians”

Did ‘Toria’ Jump… Or Was She Pushed?

The sudden retirement announcement by State Department Deputy Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria “Toria” Nuland earlier this week left many US foreign policy watchers – your author included – trying to read the tea leaves to see what was actually going on. There are plenty of theories and speculations as to what motivated someone like … Continue reading “Did ‘Toria’ Jump… Or Was She Pushed?”

Biden Doctrine:​ ‘If It’s Broke Don’t Fix It!’

Last week President Biden was asked by a reporter about US attacks on Yemen: Reporter: “Are the airstrikes in Yemen working?” Biden: “Well, when you say working, are they stopping the Houthis? No. Are they gonna continue? Yes.” The exchange perfectly defines the Biden Administration’s foreign policy: “Is our policy working? No. But keep it up, man!” … Continue reading “Biden Doctrine:​ ‘If It’s Broke Don’t Fix It!’”

Neocon Freak-Out as Biden Contemplates Iraq/Syria Withdrawal

Neocon heads like the Middle East Institute’s Charles Lister’s are exploding with the news today that the Biden Administration may be considering withdrawing from its illegal occupations in both Syria and Iraq. First on Syria. As Lister opines in Foreign Policy: …four sources within the Defense and State departments said the White House is no … Continue reading “Neocon Freak-Out as Biden Contemplates Iraq/Syria Withdrawal”

Killing the Messenger

One call from the White House or State Department could have saved California-born journalist Gonzalo Lira’s life. Living in Ukraine-controlled Kharkov (to be close to his children), Lira saw early on, from his unique vantage point, that the propaganda being fed to the American people from the mainstream media about that “plucky little democracy” in … Continue reading “Killing the Messenger”

WaPo Neocon Josh Rogin: Republicans Responsible for Ukraine Loss

Every time a neocon/warmonger policy produces a disaster – and they always do – the neocon authors of said policy begin canvassing for someone, anyone but them, to blame. So it was with Vietnam, which they are still fighting. It wasn’t that it was an idiotic idea to kill a million Vietnamese civilians in the … Continue readingWaPo Neocon Josh Rogin: Republicans Responsible for Ukraine Loss”

Washington’s Crocodile Tears Over Ukraine’s Destruction

As of this writing, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is hunkered down in his bunker somewhere in Kiev, as the sound of the encroaching war gets closer and closer. A grim scene, to be sure. All the US and EU kisses and roses leading up to this end have turned to dust and barbed wire, as … Continue reading “Washington’s Crocodile Tears Over Ukraine’s Destruction”